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Passengers Can Now Buy Eight Empty Airline Seats For Social Distancing

Passengers on one airline wanting even more social distancing can now buy eight empty seats. That allows a passenger to be the only occupant in their block of three seats, plus the three seats in the row behind and the three in front. ( More...

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Lelystad 23
Well lets put some things in perspective. Airplane air is filtered with the highest HEPA guidelines in the world and is refreshed every 3-5min. All microbes and viruses are filtered out and the filters are replaced every 2000-4000hours depending on the airline. But most will replace them around 3000Hours.
As the air is mixed with the exterior air that might be -60degrees its heated via the engines and mixed with about 33% of the residue air in the plane it self. But still circulation is done from multiple parts in the aircraft. Its not that they fill the front and exit in the back. THIS is A MYTH!! it comes from the wings and moves to the front and back. This depending on the brand is it Airbus or Boeing.
If the plane is made in this millennium your OK and the air you will breath in a aircraft is cleaner than the outside fresh air, but if you are flying old crates (aircraft) like the MD83 (OldDC9) older 737-6/700'S you might not have this option.
If there is an odor in the air you will smell it, thats why you have a nose, but the corona virus is not an airborne virus, same goes for influenza. Airports are more dangerous than planes when it comes to infectious diseases.

So yes you might have had a smelly experience, but getting sick because somebody coughed in row 1 and your sitting in row 23 NO that wont happen. If your sitting in the same row adjacent to the person, you might very easly get the same cough. But that the same thing as sitting on the same bench in the park.

Airplanes are not disease makers, people are, people still traveling even when not needed is the danger.
Jim Prevo 3
Yes and purchasing extra seats can keep a passenger out of the direct line of fire from a cough or sneeze...especially from behind. Though I think I'd want three entire rows at a minimum.
Linda Wince 1
Please learn the correct way to use the word "your". You have misused it twice in the above comments. You should be using "you're", the contraction for "you are".
Thank you.
Jesse Carroll 0
Wow...really! Professor?
Makes sense to me. We the people are the problem. Those traveling unnecessarily are IMHO controlling narcissists, have no regard for anyone but themselves. Karma!!!
Iain Girling 1
Spot on Sherri. The virus does not move itself. People move the virus.
WUHAN cHINA was the problem. The Chinese government made sure that the only people leaving Wuhan would be those flying to foreign destinations. Kinda like human virus bombs aimed everywhere on the globe but China.
crk112 -2
The folks downvoting this are just burying their heads in the sand. Can’t handle the truth evidently.
Jesse Carroll -1
Yepper, only democrats flying now days!
Hell for that price just fly private. GA/Corporate is up in some areas 400%
It's only $226 total for the additional 8 seats...WAY cheaper than flying private!
skylab72 3
Two adjacent 9-pak buyers are "paying" for the row between them twice...
Yup way cheaper! I hope Air Changan is flying the route I need.
Robert Bramel 2
So after standing right next to fellow passengers in the various lines before boarding, passing through the terminal air that is shared by a few thousand others, walking right by the flight crew, I can convince myself that by buying a bunch of seats around me that I will avoid exposure to Covid.
And for sure my checked luggage that was possibly examined by unknown handlers afraid to use sick leave... you know, maybe i'll just stay home.
It is impossible to have social distancing practices at all times when going out and about. No one really has the answers but way too many opinions! Enough to drive us crazy in our minds, only if we allow it!!!
Lynne Meek 4
I flew Business Class from Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City just after Christmas last year. Nearly everyone in the cabin coughed all the way. After two days in London, I had it - coughing, runny nose, sore throat. There is no way you can avoid it, you're fair game for whatever is in the air.
Lynne Meek 9
Eight empty seats would have made no difference whatsoever!
alex hidveghy 3
Did they wear masks!
alex hidveghy 2
Did you wear a mask? Did others onboard?
Lynne Meek 2
Nobody did. It was just after Christmas, and we didn't know about COVID-19. I think it was just a nasty cold, but it sounded as if everyone in the section had it.
Look at a plane as a swimming pool. Not imagine the pee in the pool is the Corona Virus. Yeah, close...
Keith Palmer 1
Not to mention you have to have serious money to buy that much space
crk112 1
Six feet between you applies in public places. Not when you're sharing the same sealed pressurized tube. This is a hard pass for me.
belfer70 1
8 seats cheaper than a 1st class "apartmente"? :)
I guesss we will be flying all 1 st class airpalins...
Which is bettter than flying like "Alien" space flight for a perfect isolation :)
So, now people WANT the middle seat...............
Are the seats priced at one eighth of the regular price? I can non rev on A.A. at no cost. Would that work the same way?
Well, that's all well and good (and SPENDY), but you are all breathing the same canned/recirc'd air for the flight.
I guess BYON95M...?
alex hidveghy 1
This just in. After JetBlue earlier this week, 4 other US carriers now require masks for pax traveling on their aircraft. Crew already wear them.
Robert Cowling -3
They do replace the air frequently, but after being on a plane with a 'special needs' kid in the front row of First Class, who needed a diaper change, they are NOT changing it nearly enough. We all gagged into Atlanta that morning. The attendant could have waited, but I can understand. I wouldn't want to sit in a shitty diaper either.

Yeah, if you can smell it, it's in the air. If this was in this time of COVID-19, everyone on the plane would have been infected! YIKES!!! Masks shouldn't be voluntary, they should be MANDATORY! For everyone. At all times! If one person is in that plane, and doesn't have a mask on, EVERYONE could be infected!
AND the pictures I have seen of idiots not wearing the masks properly. Even with a mask, many people will still be infected.
alex hidveghy 3
With JetBlue, it already is! I’m sure others will follow.
On the ground, Costco and the Mayo Clinic require it, too.
It should be everywhere in public.
That’s why S.Korea, Japan and Singapore have ALL done better than the US and will be relaxing the restrictions before we even begin.
Unfortunately, the US has NOT been a leader in this respect. Other countries have.
The airlines should make social distancing their priorty if you want passengers at all Perhaps temperature taking before boarding, masks, empty middle seats
This money burden should not be the passengers... Id drive first!
But you've got to eat sometime so the mask will come off anyway even if its momentary. The air in the cabin is circulating all the time so only self discipline and checks will stem the spread.
These are for Chinese domestic flights from Xi'an only...looking at FlightAware info for Air Changan (, the flights I see are about 1-1.5 hours long. Pretty sure people can go longer than that without eating.
Cami Russack 1
We operate a flying petri dish but you can pay to fix that?
Ed Chapman 0
So the rich stay healthy, the poor -F’em
David Beattie 0
There was a guy who found out he was positive for COVID mid flight. Anybody else around him get sick? I really haven’t heard many stories of onboard transmission although there have been deaths among cabin crew unfortunately.


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