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JetBlue becomes first U.S. airline to require passengers wear face coverings

Passengers flying JetBlue must wear a face covering over their nose and mouth throughout their journey, the airline says, including during check-in, boarding, while in flight and deplaning. ( More...

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aurodoc 9
Masks can reduce the potential spread of pathogens in droplets but I am way more concerned about what’s on my seatbelt buckle, tray table, magazine or window shade. Cover your mouth with a sneeze and then unfasten your belt —- that isn’t good. If you fly wipe down the above mentioned with sanitizer.
Ron Friedman 6
agree.. this should have been an issue all the time!
djames225 5
I agree. Heard of a few airlines using a new UV cart. After UV treatment, disinfectant anti-bacterial solution is sprayed and wiped.
bizprop 8
Will likely mean more people driving instead of flying where feasible.
Greg Zelna 7
I've read a lot of comments some here and elsewhere on this.... Its likely most if not all airlines will follow suit. If you object to this, and there are airlines that don't require masks, exercise your freedom as a consumer to select one who does not have the requirement. This is not about denying 'freedoms'... Remember when the smoking section was the aft portion of the AC ? I sat one seat from it more than once- and yes I was definitely passively 'smoking' -and nauseous.... That was not their 'right' to exercise a freedom at the rest of our expenses. IF this measure makes flying a tad bit safer from a disease transmission standpoint, and as others have already noted, wiping down the filthy seats, trays, restraints- makes it a bit better for all of us, is it a bad thing ? Do you also object to wearing lap belts when instructed ? Shouldn't you be free to choose not to ? Why not ?
I am in perfect health but more than once have come down with really nasty bugs after lengthy layovers at airports like ATL, and after long flights. Lets face it, those are petri dishes, they are filthy and due to the international nature- often times have new (to us) viruses we are not yet immune to. I think masks and sani-wipes for everything -is a bit overdue. Frankly I hate the masks, I do have a custom made one which fits perfectly, and I still don't like them. But I've have been wearing it in public for others, not my own benefit.
Diane Tobin 3
Totally agree with you, Greg!
Good luck getting a child to keep their mask on.
Wayne Farmer 2
Does this mean that no eating will be permitted while on board?

As for drinking, how does one stay hydrated while wearing a mask? Are there masks that accommodate a straw?
JetBlue has always been a leader in the industry great move.
If I were flying JetBlue I would comply, I dont say I would like it. LET'S GET BACK INTO THE AIR!
All this because people don't know how to cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze.
But it's worse than that. Exposure to anything can infect someone.
ithink this is a good idea,although there are those who don't and feel their rights are being taken away..
jeff slack 13
You are right.
Unfortunately, when something is contagious it means you have to consider everyone's rights which means; put a mask on when you can not maintain a social distance. This is a no brainer. Comply for the short term and lets all just get through this.
Highflyer1950 4
Airports should sell the masks at check-in for a buck and anyone who refuses to wear one gets escorted out of the Terminal. This is way too dangerous too fool around with. Let’s get back to a 34” seat pitch and jack the seat price a hundred bucks to compensate. If you can’t afford a Benjamin, then you can’t afford to fly? While we're at it bring back a casual dress code, not bare feet, wife beater tee shirts and bathing suits...............too much?
Masks on a short flight will work but not a long one where hydrating and food are important.
Last night on HULU a clip was shone with a cabin sneeze following the various droplet colors through the cabin over other PAX. No mention made for air quality control by flight crew. On any current flight the recirculating fans can be off and cabin altitude auto or manual at or above 5000 feet.

Air in, Air out, no recirculation.

Recirculation fans off is not an abnormal in most manuals I believe.

It is possible some flights have experienced galley smell or smoke. Recirc fans off is mentioned for mitigation.
Rex Bentley 0
Land of the free home of the brave. Anyone know where that's at? Like to go there some day.
clarify 4
Brave does not have to mean stupid.

And your freedom has boundaries when it bumps up against others' freedom. Just as you can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater, you should not expect the freedom to put others at risk.
Edw Sanderson 0
Mike Williams 1
What about the hearing problem people that can read lips?
David Beattie 1
Interesting. Pad and paper I guess.

[This poster has been suspended.]

David Beattie 1
I always wondered about that. My doctors, nurses, dentists wore masks long before COVID. One excuse I heard was that they didn’t want the toilet paper freaks to start hoarding masks.
George Hall -2
So ANDREW, what's the alternative ? Keep all airlines shut down indefinitely? We HAVE TO keep things running while battling this virus. They will figure out a way to do this and keep the airlines flying. You are obviously a liberal who WANTS this country to crater economically so your socialist heroes can change this country and abolish the constitution. That's 100% bozo !
djames225 2
What is bozo is you 2nd last line. NO ONE wants the economy to tank or abolish the constitution, BUT if bringing the country back online means going at it slowly while watching the numbers, so be it. Or do you want to be another Brazil?? THAT would be the BOZO move!
George Hall 2
The airline industry is a huge part of our economy. Without it, we will have the worst depression since the 30's. That cannot happen. I believe this industry is doing everything they can to help battle this pandemic SLOWLY and keep planes in the air with SOME passengers for now. They will prevail. I will apologize for my political comments. This squawk list has no place for that subject. Just anger at that time.
ADXbear 0
This is a new world.. people need to relax the rights issue.. we ALL know we need to protect from others until a vaccine or antibody ends the concerns..
The way things are going, all the old aircraft in deserts msy be needed for some time.. scary, but reality.
George Hall -2
Even if the media relishes spreading widespread panic about COVID-19, I agree with the airlines requiring mask. There are many citizen's that ignore the basic needs to stop this virus from spreading for the sake of maintaining their freedom rights. During this time, we all have to sacrifice this freedom temporarily and jump start the economy at the same time. WE ALL need to wear mask in public and while flying and maintain social distancing.This pandemic can be defeated.
Sylvain184 0
I know this crisis and discussion is serious but...
What about releasing the Emergency Oxygen Mask for everyone in the the cabin, right before taxi? #joke
WhiteKnight77 -1
I wonder if they would object to the half face respirator with P100 filters that I have? It lets me see better while wearing my glasses.

Sadly, unless people wear them properly, they will do not good. Their breath will still leak out around their nose or out the sides and any contaigion that they may be carrying will still get airborne. I see this daily while I am out and about. I even got the answer that she doesn't form the wire over her nose as she "wants to breathe."


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