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A 64-year-old man accidentally ejected himself from a fighter jet at 2,500 ft

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A surprise company outing to an air base caused a 64-year-old French man so much stress that he flung himself from a fighter jet in midair, grabbing the ejector button in a panic and tumbling through the skies above France before landing in a field. ( עוד...

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Chris B 4
He got fired on his last day.
ste BEAU 2
L’incident aurait pu être fatal. Le 20 mars 2019, lors d’un vol de démonstration, le passager civil d’un avion de chasse Rafale est éjecté pendant la montée de l’avion, quelques secondes après le décollage. L’incident a blessé légèrement ce passager qui a atterri avec le parachute de secours dans l’enceinte de la base tandis que le pilote a pu poser l’avion malgré la verrière éjectée. Le passager, un homme de 64 ans, avait été conduit aux urgences de Saint-Dizier.
Silent Bob 3
Ejecting by yourself is not as gratifying as ejecting with a partner.
Larry White 5
Do you mean that other word that starts with 'ej' ?? ;-) .
Robert Cowling 2
And I'm sure he needed clean undies and pants. Wow...
Paul Miller 1
Yes he sure DID ? BUT it was a Year Ago Now and he was OK and landed safely thank goodness.
eccsandiego 2
The official report on the incident was issued only six days ago. Here’s a link for those who read French, although there are also videos/photos that are probably worth more than 1000 words in any language:

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