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Consolidating flights to US cities could help stem airline industry losses as coronavirus dampens demand, executives say

U.S. airlines and the Department of Transportation may soon have to consider consolidating service to dozens of cities around the country in a bid to help carriers cut losses, several airline industry executives told CNBC. ( More...

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Mike Boote 5
Welcome back, Civil Aeronautics Board!
Ed Chapman 5
By all means, bring back the CAB...they can look at routes, frequency, pricing, luggage fees, change of ticket fees, move up from 1600 to 1400 departure time fees, the building needs new carpeting fees, etc.
“It may make more sense to maintain service to that city, but put all passengers on one plane.”

Oh, really? Who would've thought?
airuphere 4
I mean Fuel is at an all time low.. That must be helping. I’m waiting for cost of food to come down as we were all told it was due to fuel for so damn long. Right now in my neck of the woods in Ontario it’s 67.9c / L.. lower than when I pumped gas at 18 y/o. Crazy ( that’s still... 2.57US/Gal)
John Page 4
I am in Texas. I paid 1.50 per gallon yesterday
By no where to Go
I saw $1.89 / gallon here in MA last week. We're higher than the rest of the country, thanks to the thieving .... people (I'll keep things family friendly here) ... on Beacon Hill writing all these tax increases.
Lanny Word 1
Actually that’s $1.82 US but I get your point.
Sheldon Rioux 1
That would be nice, but I’m guessing that it hasn’t due to the fact that diesel prices haven’t moved much ( unlike regular grades).
Don Whyte 1
Automotive fuel is low (I paid 54.9c/L at Costco yesterday) but diesel is still 95c/L. Jet A is still 96c/L and 100LL is $1.67/L
Betty O 1
That would be a great idea for the next few months!
Roger Parish 1
Do the airlines still have to fly a minimum number of flights to keep their "slots" at constrained airports? That rule resulted in them flying basically empty airplanes. I thought FAA was going to give them some relief on that.
LarryQB 1
For now this is a great idea
nemosteve1080i -6
Time to end Reagan era deregulation of the airlines and dynamic pricing for seats. Preregulation, all seats in each class of service had the same value, whether the seat was purchased 6 months before the flight or bought the day of travel.

This probably would thin the number of people flying. This would lead to a decrease in the flight frequencies between city pairs and would offer relief to our over burdened (antiquated) ATC network. In the regulated days long ago, I don't recall having near the flight delays and cancelations that haunt flyers today.

Just my thoughts...
Mike Boote 10
I will never forget the pictures of Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy at the signing of the airline deregulation act. Not Reagan era at all.
Ben Bosley 9
Deregulation is the only reason you can fly to Denver for $50. You start having the government regulate airfare's and air travel is going to get a hell of a lot more expensive again.
Kevin Duffy 5
I agree with you, but de-regulation happened under the Carter administration.
Ben Bosley 4
Also what makes you believe demand will be decreased? Do you think all the people are going to jump on our non-existent railroads or get on a greyhound bus and spend 2 days traveling across the country?
I suspect that people would simply stop traveling beyond their economic means. Which means vacationing closer to home; traveling by car. Business travel would be curtailed somewhat, but not to the degree of leisure travel. So yeah...demand would decline
John Page 2
I thought Jimmie Carter deregulated airlines

Ask him. He is still alive and kicking
Richard Haas 1
Alfred Kahn who was the architect of airline deregulation under Carter donated a urinal to the local nonprofit theater here in Ithaca. I have suggested that the airport be named for him but the idea hasn't gotten any traction.

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Jim McMannamy 5
What's worse is when it's the same airline! United flew 6 flights from ORD-LAX yesterday, all virtually empty B757's and B737's. A complete waste of both jet fuel and ATC resources.
ua549 2
If they don't fly the routes, they will lose their landing slot. Don't use it; lose it.


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