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Air Canada A319 Loses Wheel On Take-Off, Makes Safe Landing In Toronto

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Air Canada flight AC715 lost one of its wheels after departing LaGuardia, New York. ( עוד...

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bartmiller 5
The C-5A drops wheels surprisingly often. I guess with 28 of them, the odds are pretty good.
Tim Eichman 4
If it fell off takeoff before being stowed, I'm assuming since no one reported finding the wheel at the end of runway 13 at LGA or landing in somewhere Flushing or Murray Hill, it is most likely in Flushing Bay... I'm sure the gear was up before they passed over Little Neck Bay...

Other option is it is in Lake Ontario, having fallen out when the gear were lowered (again, had it fallen off over downtown Toronto, I'm sure that would have been noted...).
darjr26 7
I was on a DC10 that lost a wheel on takeoff from IAH. The gear was retracted before the crew got the news. The flight engineer came back to the cabin and checked the gear through a viewing port under the carpet in the main cabin and based on his inspection the flight continued to LAX . The crew declared an emergency prior to landing, with passengers braced, but the landing was very smooth and uneventful. Once on a taxiway we were towed to the gate. As a side note I was going there for an interview with the same airline, and got the job that started my 40 year career in aviation.
Kobe Hunte 3
You don't every day just see a wheel flying off an aircraft during takeoff!
Roger Anderson 4
Seems to be happening to AC one too many times oddly
Kobe Hunte 2
Lucky it wasn't a front wheel!
bartmiller 2
The A319, as do most airliners, has two tires on the nose. And since the nose takes substantially less load on a (proper) landing, losing a nosewheel might have been preferable.
Josh Esser 0
When else has it happened? Jazz had one a couple months ago but that is not Air Canada.
Roger Anderson 2
Hey Josh, you're right. I've been saying "AC" too much because of a rights forum I'm part off hehe. I guess the only other wheel issue really was with that 767 out of Madrid, but that's loss of rubber :)
Kobe Hunte -1
ummmm AC means Aircraft!!
keith pineau 2
No, A/C means aircraft, AC is the code that Air Canada uses publicly.
Kobe Hunte 3
oops, now I am the jack***
Paul Thomas 2
"Ground officials were able to confirm that the wheel was indeed missing, and noted that the left side wheel was still in place even though they could not say for sure whether the tire was properly inflated or not."

So there's no TPMS on planes?
Mike Williams 2
Now the bean counters will redesign the planes for less wheels. It is only MONEY!
Mark Smith 2
Would NOT wanna be the mechanic that *most likely* recently changed that tire/wheel assembly...

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