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Airport bans toy soldier's three-inch rifle from plane

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... because it's a safety threat ( עוד...

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will744 0
Safety threat. . . How is that a safety threat?
Brad Littlejohn 0
Good question.. for the same reason they banned Megatron from airplanes now, I guess..
Casey Strickland 0
This is funny lmao
Ronald Padgett 0
This is sad, actually.
ryan gonzalez 0
??????????????????????????????????????? 3inch rifle ??????????????????????????????????????????
Lee Smith 0
WOW!! & I always thought that the U.S.’s TSA folks were rather SLOW in the brain department for using COMMON SENSE.
Sometimes you really have to ask yourself “ How did we manage to elect NON THINKING PEOPLE TO PUBLIC OFFICE” or WHO’S REAR DID THEY KISS TO GET THIS JOB?
herman martinez 0
The TSA agent wanted the riffle for his own pleasure. He's a 40 yr old virgin.
Matt Comerford 0
obama, blah blah blah, tsa, blah blah, obama, 4nd amendment, obama, blah blah, government take over, blah blah, tsa, blah blah, liberty, blah blah.
Brian Hankey 0
This was actually in the UK - not a TSA story (although this may have given them ideas)
Steve Jasper 0
I feel safer. Don't you? It must of frighten those poor defenseless security people to death. I believe they'll all need therapy and a nice tea and crumpit to settle their frazzled nerves. Think how they must've felt staring down the muzzle of that fearsome weapon of mass destuction. Bad tourist, Bad...I mean terrorist.
Jay Converse 0
Good thing they didn't check the movie on that flight.... Rambo.... just too many digital weapons ont he DVD track. Airlines should consider porn movies instead, but alas, no, they'd consider anything over 3" to be a dangerous weapon, too. I love these gov't idiots. Just wait 'til they start controlling your healthcare!!!! Joy
Matt Comerford 0
Jay, this is in Europe... Not Obamaland.
kingstonsean 0
Good thing it wasn't a toy Muslim! A little "GI Mohammed". She'd be in Guantanamo Bay by now.
dmanuel 0
Mr. Hartmann has a point. Does anyone know how much the government would be able to reduce its deficit if his suggestions were implemented?
Tom Kearney 0
Peter F. Hartmann Esq. goes to the head of the class.

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