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Cliffs, jungle a big hurdle for feds in Hawaii copter crash

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HONOLULU (AP) - The remote and rugged terrain on the Hawaiian island of Kauai where a sightseeing helicopter crashed, killing all seven people aboard, could make it difficult or even impossible to piece together what led to the wreck. Federal investigators who arrived Sunday are calling the inaccessible area of steep cliffs and thick jungle canopies one of the most challenging crash sites they have seen. Getting a team to the actual site was proving to be one of the initial challenges, National… ( עוד...

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Mark Harris 1
Can't access this story in the UK - any other links?
Rebecca Shaffer 1
Thank you!!!
Mark Harris 1
Found it here -
Mark Harris 1
With an update here -
Tom Zaidman 0
I have made many commercial flights on helicopters either sightseeing or airport to city. Why aren’t they obliged to have a copilot if carrying passengers on a helicopter That is statically more dangerous than an airplane.

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