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Why FCC Chairman Pai won't allow internet voice calls on airplanes

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According to CNN, there is one thing that prevents most airlines from allowing passengers to use their phones to make calls during a flight ( עוד...

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Larry White 2
DOH!!! Question: How the heck did people survive before the 'cell phone age'?? Answer,, they used a telephone at the airport or when they got home or to their businesses. DOH!! What is this so-called 'constant-contact' mind-set of late?? For the past 10 yrs when I fly the 'un-friendly sky's, click click clicking and yap yap yapping as soon as a/c lands. Even before the FAs make their announcement to the affect cell phones and other electronic devices may be used, and our gate & baggage claim number. I'm done,, off to DFW where the holiday rush is happening for a flat to family/friends at IAH and Galveston Island to sip some margaritas or whatever. Wishing all a very Merry Christmas and a better New Year.

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