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Condor Goes Back To Its Roots: The Old Logo Returns

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The German leisure carrier, Condor, has brought back its iconic logo following the airline’s separation from the bankrupt Thomas Cook Airlines. The iconic Condor logo was unveiled to the airline’s employees at Frankfurt am Main Airport, applied to the tail of one of the airline’s Boeing 767-300(ER)s (D-ABUF). Over the next few weeks, Condor plans to change the logos on all aircraft and billboards. The airline, which still features the old Thomas Cook Sunny Heart logo on 99% of its fleet, wishes… ( עוד...

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WhiteKnight77 2
I would also bet that in the future, they redesign the rest of the paint job and repaint when in for overhaul. Love the Condor tail and winglets logo.
Jakob Xanther 1
link does not work for me
Roy Hunte 5
It's beautiful
Kobe Hunte 3
Relics 7
Always liked Condor, good to see them continuing and with their old logo even after Thomas Cook collapsed.

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