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US Airlines Extend Boeing 737 MAX Grounding To 1 Year

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Southwest Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the world, made a bold move. They are the first airline in the world to ground the Boeing 737 MAX until March, 2020– one year after the type was first grounded. Then, American Airlines followed suit. Reuters reports that Southwest Airlines is pulling the 737 MAX from schedules until March, 2020. Back in March, 2019, the 737 MAX faced a worldwide grounding after two entirely fatal crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia. Since then, major scrutiny has… ( עוד...

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mary susan watkins 1
although its definitely a monetary and scheduling problem for southwest and other carriers who have purchased,or have purchases orders for the 737max,knwoing an aircraft can and will function safely with passengers and crew on board is of utmost importance, and after all, these carriers business is to safely transport people from one place to another..they made the right decision until the problem is fixed..
mkeflyer 1
July at best
Robert Cowling 0
I just flew transcon on 739's. They are nice planes, but the restrooms are WAY TOO SMALL!!!

I, at some point, don't care what I'm being herded into and out of. What I expect is the engineers to have done their job, and make it as safe as humanly possible. No hidden 'features' to compensate for ridiculous committee decisions. Watching some of the congressional testimony, the CEO is a rich man. He wanted to stay rich, and he wanted their investors to stay rich. That is a bad setup for a decision to compete with their rival.

They should have had the sense to recertify the MAX rather than sneak it in under the old certification. But it could have cost them sales. Oh NO!!! Instead it cost human lives. The bean counters, and ghoulish 'Monte Carlo simulations' were sated... 'Some loses are to be expected'.

They ENGINEER planes, they build devices that haul HUMAN LIFE. Those two should be their main focus. They got caught cheating physics, and the idea that the 'human factor' can be engineered out of the system.

They make great planes, they just lost their focus, and for that the CEO and top 20 layers of management need to go. Profit is NOT their prime reason to exist.

I'll say that again for the people that might not get it: PROFIT IS NOT THEIR PRIME REASON TO EXIST!
linbb -6
Thanks for reposting when it all happened must be a friend of MH370
ian mcdonell -1
Supporting Boeing is OK, attacking MH370 is not - I do not often agree with MH370 but on this site he has a right to post
bentwing60 1
So when does the twit support Boeing, ergo, when will Many here support that squawker? answer, never! Up or down vote, show anyway.

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