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Trump Poised to Hit EU with Billions in Tariffs After Victory in Airbus Case

The United States has gotten the green light to impose billions of euros in punitive tariffs on EU products in retaliation for illegal subsidies granted to European aerospace giant Airbus. Four EU officials told POLITICO that the World Trade Organization ruled in favor of the U.S. in the long-running transatlantic dispute and sent its confidential decision to Brussels and Washington on Friday. ( More...

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sharon bias 2
With the 737Max mess, now is not the time to start a trade war. The EU has already indicated they won't accept our FAA findings on the 737 modifications. They want their own review. Boeing, who has already lost billions of dollars, will take a another hit if there are further delays to EU airlines using existing planes and accepting new planes. This is not the time to win the battle but lose the war.
airuphere 1
He is so willing to hit everyone with tariffs because they’ve had an “advantage” against a US market when his facts are usually wrong and is just making the bully stronger as they’ve always been. They may not give “subsidies” to Boeing but they’re tons of govt handouts that take another name. Idiotic.
dav555 8
Sorry, but you are just wrong. The national U.S. govt. does not give Boeing any subsidies, unlike the French govt. A U.S. State offering a tax break is not akin to a subsidy by the national govt. The Europeans have had mercantilist trade practices for decades but the U.S has looked the other way for some reason, but no longer. Europe will either stop with the tariffs, subsidies, unfair taxation of imports, and unreasonable barriers to entry, or the U.S. will retaliate in kind and the European economy, which is already on the ropes, will suffer even more. Moral of the story: don't take advantage of your friends or you'll eventually be sorry.
Chris B 1
Boeing receives millions in millions every year in "Cost overruns" on military and space projects. Congress contributes as well. Just look at the tanker procurement as exhibit #1.

The WTO will rule on illegal US subsidies early next year. In the short term, the EU has already signaled that any tariffs will be responded to. Mutually assured destruction by the sound of it.
dav555 6
So cost overruns are now subsidies? The contractor has to eat those costs if they exceed the contract agreement. Boeing gets tax breaks from state and local governments competing to get its business - this is not a subsidy as Boeing still has to pay federal taxes. The fact is that I don't need to argue with you about this because Boeing has won multiple WTO rulings against Airbus over the years. Mutually assured destruction? The U.S. imports almost 500 billion dollars of European products each year, but only exports about 300 billion - so who stands to lose more in a trade war? I don't want a trade war with anyone, I just want every country to play fairly and by the rules instead of trying to cheat and take unfair advantage wherever they can.
You really have no idea how government contracting works, do you. And if they DO eat a lot of cost, due to some contractual mishap, they are allowed to 'make up the difference' in other contracts. Why do you think the revolving door between congress and the military industrial complex is so well oiled. It's damned profitable. And with the DOD and Pentagon totally unable to do an audit of the trillions they are given the chance that we are paying millions for a screw, and billions for a Crescent Wrench or an Estwing hammer is oh so much more likely.

Someone wise once said that when we increase defense spending, we don't get better weapons, we get more expensive weapons. It's a disgrace how abused the military budget is. I laughingstock. So much pork and bullshit, we could give everyone a PhD education with the money saved.
airuphere 2
Well said
airuphere -1
Just like during nafta the Canadian gov was slandered for subsidies to the dairy farmers... meanwhile the us gov subsidies corn soy dairy etc.. each year for tens of millions.. in indirect subsidies under different names.. they’ve done it for years; cloaked to give the appearance off a strong free market.. no different in industry.. aviation or otherwise
Jim DeTour 1
When the European Union EU expands to further regions and transitions into the Federated Union FU the business affairs will be more concise and understandable. Dictatorial exercises of political and military powers are always great starters of conflict furthering excuses for greater provocations.

What's lame is the Euro airplanes are a natural creation by their countries and the US punishes them for being united in helping their economies. The US reaction is great fun for desk jockeys with distorted outlooks.
What about the billions in overpayments made bu the US to its aircraft manufacturers?


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