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Boeing Forced to Store Grounded 737 Max Planes on Employee Parking Lots

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The company has so many planes awaiting repairs at its Washington State facility that it's quickly running out of room. ( עוד...

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william baker 6
My question is what will happen in a month from now. They dont have enough spots on the ground if they keep building the max. Where are they going to store them?? Heck last i heard there was even some in texas.
Brad Littlejohn 4
They're all over the place. Texas, Pima, Kingman, Mojave, Renton, Everett.. they've essentially run out of places to store them.

The question is: How much longer do they have before they decide it's economical to park them at the parking garage at your nearest shopping mall.
Cansojr 5
Boeing should stop building these aircraft because they are not going to swll as many projected by Boeing, They should re-evaluate their sales estiminatess and role back production until you have a safe aircraft that works. Public trust is essential and that is something missing from this program.
Jerry W 1
These planes are damaged goods, and for excellent reasons.. why build any more at all?
Bob Wysocki-Borejsza 3
a fix is not always the best solution - scrap and start over no one will have the confidence to fly these aircraft anymore, ever
Roy Hunte 3
Except linbb 🤣
sharon bias 2
It's hard on the workers, but from a cost stand point, it's way cheaper to layoff the workers than build planes they can't sell or their customers can't use. For a company who was so shorted sighted that they let unsafe planes fly to save a dime, they now seem to be blowing money away. Management isn't talking to accounting and no one is talking to production or engineering. I have less and less confidence this company is going to survive.
Cansojr 1
Without public trust those aircraft are going to be stored for a long time unless they get fixed soon.
Geoff Davies 1
BA has orded many of these planes recently,not a good idea until the fix they issues with the plane
Runway2406 1
No BA haven't ordered any. IAG group has a LOI in [Letter Of Intent for up to 200 to be put across the IAG group] but NOTHING has actually been ordered yet!
Onward Lam 1
I was wondering how much work or cost it will take to put each plane back into the air when (OK, I'm optimistic here, so I'm not using "if") they have been upgraded. Commercial jets are really designed these days to be flying around and not sitting around in a parking lot (or a corner of the airfield) for such an extended period of time. It's not as bad as taking a plane out of mothball but it must cost quite a bit.

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