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FAA Completely Bans US Flights To Venezuela As Political Tension Escalates

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The FAA has issued an emergency order which bans all US-registered aircraft to fly to and over Venezuela. On April 30, the FAA had forbidden any US-registered aircraft to fly below 26,000 feet over Venezuelan airspace. At the time, a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) had been issued, banning all US-registered aircraft and US citizens holding an FAA airman certificate from flying within the troubled country's airspace. Today, however, this partial restriction has escalated to a complete ban. The FAA… ( עוד...

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I was in Venezuela during a coup 28 years ago. The country then was sliding down the slope to what it is today. It is a beautiful place with wonderful people.
Sadly canuck44 is right. A lot of relief goods end up in the wrong hands, stolen, sold on the black market. This country will become the next Cuba, complete with a "crisis".
With Russia, China,Cuba and Iran flying who ever and what ever in, it is becoming a good launching place for terrorism and South and Central America destabilization.
matt jensen 3
I lived there when Col Chavez attempted the first coup. Prices were extremely reasonable 40Vef=1USD. After Chavez finally wrested control from Carlos Andrés Pérez in 1992, nothing much changed for the first five years or so. Then as Russians moved to the interior of the country and developed the oil industry on the Orinoco River - things began to change. Military took over food and medicine distribution and suddenly prices shot upwards. The pandas have now taken over where the Russians left off after the US oil conglomerates were booted. Interest rates started at 15% then 35% and now over 2000%. Currency is tied to their petrodollar instead of the Bolivar. 5188VES = $1USD.

- During the Haitian relief for the massive quake that basically leveled it - just about everything was stolen right off the tarmac - none reached the people.
- During the last hurricane in Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands - again everything was being stolen off the tarmac and none of it reached the people.

Iberia, Turkish, Conviasa, Copa are still servicing Venezuela with aid.
I was there when Chavez launched to coup. The morning it happened, I thought I was watching a bad Spanish war movie. A couple days later we were going to Angel Falls, out of Barcelona. There were fighter/bombers there slung with iron bombs. There were 4 people involved. The Bonitas Rohas killed 3, they missed Chavez. Perez was no saint, but was better than what transpired.
I feel so sorry for Venezuela. It is a beautiful country and the people are so friendly.
matt jensen -2
The next Cuba - ha far from it. Who do you think has supported the Castro brothers all those years? Venezuela had America's back when Arab oil was cut off on the Kuwait invasion. They set aside all their debt on selling America oil. Which by the way was/is heavily subsidized - one penny/gal for #2 diesel and jet fuel about 50 cents/gallon. This is why American carriers flew in larger jets than needed - just to tanker up and return home with cheap fuel.
matt jensen 2
Fortunately other countries now fly aid to the starving people.
canuck44 0
Unfortunately, Matt, virtually nothing of value gets to those starving folks as it is stolen along the way. I have a nurse from there who tries to get thyroid and cardiac medication to her sister still in the country, but it never makes it to her. Airlines flying in do not sell tickets there and are mostly evacuating those who can get out financed by family in the US or Spain. Millions have left and as you would expect they are the most educated and employable leaving the poorest and least educated. Even if Maduro bails out, his successor will have trouble restoring the country unless he can lure back many of the refugees.
matt jensen -2
We are still flying there....haven't stopped. There are plenty of cargo flights making it there. Just not to Maiquetia. Valencia, Pto Ordaz, Bolivar and several in Colombia are getting flights and aid. I have two of them working for our operation in Santiago - good workers, smart and bright.

Oh, heck we can go round the corner on this one for a while. The FAA just wants to keep US jets & USofA pax out of the way when the shooting starts.

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