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PICTURES: BA turns back time to 1960s with BEA A319 retro livery

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British Airways today formally unveiled its second retrojet, an Airbus A319 (registration G-EUPJ) painted in the "Red Square" livery used by BEA on European services between 1959 and 1968. ( עוד...

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s2v8377 3
Great looking plane even though it's an Airbus.
Ian Deans 1
Yes...even on an Airbus...and what's wrong with an Airbus????
Ian Deans 1
This is great. This simple red square/black cheatline BEA livery was kind-of stark but very effective at the looked good on Tridents and One-Elevens.....and it looks just as good on the A319. Well done British Airways...this compliments the BOAC 747 beautifully.

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s2v8377 2
You know it's a new plane just painted in a retro heritage scheme right. Plus old planes like 707 were built better than the new aircraft today!!!
Kobe Hunte 1
gosh you judge a plane by it's paint job???

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