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US NTSB faults Air Canada Pilot

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Air Canada pilots were apparently confused because one of two parallel runways was closed and dark before the late-night incident. The crew was seconds from landing their Airbus A320 jet on a taxiway where other planes loaded with passengers were waiting to take off. ( עוד...

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Iain Robertson 2
Pilot fatigue may have been a factor. Canadian crews can legally fly a few hours longer per day than U.S. crews.
patrick baker 1
the pilots could have consulted their localizer display, their adf display, - this seems borderline criminal.
cyberjet 4
It's not that simple. This was an early serial number A320 - not equipped with GPS. They were flying an FMS-based RNAV approach. The FMS does not give you the option of tuning a navaid that is not part of the published procedure.

Highflyer1950 1
Had they tuned it in, they might have?

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