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Singapore Air Takes Delivery of Jet for World's Longest Flight

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Singapore Airlines Ltd. took delivery of the Airbus SE A350-900 ultra long range aircraft to start a non-stop service to New York, a journey of about 19 hours that will become the world’s longest. ( עוד...

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Ichiro Sugioka 10
It will be fun watching these flights dealing with headwinds on FlightAware
Jairam Amrith 1
You said it beautifully Ichiro.
Jairam Amrith 2
Come on guys 15/16 hours is already par for the course so why such a big fuss about an extra 3 hours. There will always be Doubting Thomases.
Roman Yan 1
3-3-3 layout in PE from the video. Really?
Andy Cruickshank 1
Two full crew or two full crew and a relief pilot? Not sure what the rules are for rest periods.
patrick baker 0
going by boat would be preferable to nearly 20 hours of flight for me- i would catch up on sleep, create new daily rituals, remember what slow down felt like, then get back into the rat race. And the food would be better tot.
Shenghao Han -2
Soon… 777-8 will take back that crown
Ian Deans 5
Do I sense that anti-Airbus sentiment again?????
Shenghao Han 3
But still stuck in a cabin for 19 hours is almost like torture …

jbermo 3
Whiners - it sure beats going by boat!
Andy Cruickshank 1
I think this is an all Business configuration so the torture will be less that normal. Still 19 hours though.
Christos Psarras 4
@Andy, it is biz & premium economy, watch the video.
william baker 3
I believe it was both business and premium economy if I remember reading the news in the past right.
simstick -1
You think wrong.
Jairam Amrith 3
William Baker is absolutely correct 67 business 95 or so PE.
Let’s see. One airplane, 19 hours each way, down time for maintenance .. ..

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