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American drops A330neo and looks at Boeing's Dreamliner for its widebody campaign

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Fort Worth - American Airlines no longer considers A330neo as an option for its widebody aircraft campaign. The decision leaves Boeing privileged in talks for a new 787 deal. ( עוד...

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Ian Deans 1
Excellent products...both of them. This has nothing to do with the aircraft themselves..... it's all about pricing.....which manufacturer will drop its price the most to get the order.
Manuel Rezende 1
American drops A330neo ... right
According to Bloomberg, the story is a little different
"Airbus unwilling to match the prices being offered by Boeing for its B787-9 product"

Also, you know that (some) Airbus(es) are manufactured in the US (Alabama)?
Tedd Hope 1
Agree, as long as Boeing is price-competitive, - hard to determine that, since airframe manufacturers discount so heavily, and then there are the options clauses for additional tail numbers.
John Wool 3
Airbus says A330neo superior product over 787-9. LOL good one
Ron Camp 3
Totally agree
John Wyer 3
Nice. American Airlines should fly American airliners. Great decision.
Erhard Wallentin 2
Yes, and please all the European airlines should all fly Airbus.
n9341c 1
Let's see....American Airlines currently flies 219 Airbus A321s....48 A320s....and 125 A319s....

Yeah. Makes total sense to me.

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