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Private Jet-Setters Against Better Air Travel

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President Trump’s 2019 budget proposal again includes a good idea to improve American air travel: separating air-traffic control from the Federal Aviation Administration. But oddly the idea wasn’t part of Mr. Trump’s infrastructure plan this week, and one reason may be implacable opposition from the lobbyists for the paupers known as the corporate jet lobby. ( עוד...

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Gary Harper 7
So, the Wall Street Journal says that the 2019 budget proposal includes a good idea to improve american air travel. Good idea? In who's opinion, the Wall Street Journal's or the staff writer? I somehow don't have the warm feeling that just because the WSJ thinks its a good idea, that it actually is. The United States has the best air traffic control system than anywhere else in the world. Would the WSJ disagree with that? Probably not. By the way, I'm not a corporate jet lobbyist.
gordon turner 2
Without a WSJ account you will only read 1 paragraph of this... why post a story that can’t be read? But I agree, the US has the best ATC system in the world. Period.

linbb 4
With the private problems overseas it would be a real cluster once it went private. We have the best system in the world.
Andy Cruickshank 1
How do you measure the "best system in the world"? Is there data or is this just your opinion. I have no data one way or the other but suspect that there are equally safe and efficient ATC systems elsewhere. My observation would be that the "Private jet set" understand that their costs would increase with a privatized system.
N5827P 5
You would be mistaken. No other ATC system in the world handles as much air traffic with as few errors or as cost effectively as the FAA's system. Most of us experience the great efficiencies of flying the airlines. Yeah right, let's put them in charge of the ATC system also. Losing track of an aircraft won't be any worse than a lost bag. You have no data because you didn't look. It's out there. Try
Daniel Baker 2
bentwing60 1
In defense of my absence of the last few weeks that has decidedly not been missed, I have grown weary of the politicization of a site I once felt infinitely at home with. One of the old guys. So Long. But the sweetest thing I ever heard on the radio was "radar contact" from a US ATC guy coming back from an International trip.
steven fontaine 1
Please don't post stuff that lives behind a paywall unless you want to pay for our access to it.
Pa Thomas 1
Another Robert Poole wet dream article.

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