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12 Dead in Costa Rican Plane Crash

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Not much is currently know, but the plane had two locals and ten foreigners onboard and crashed shortly after takeoff. There were no survivors. ( עוד...

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mary susan watkins 5
sad way for families to start a new year..there was also a seaplane crash in austrailia..may they rest in peace...
James Driskell 2
What type of airplane?
BaronG58 4
matt jensen 0
The 208-B was designed for 9 pax + 2 pilots. This flight had 12 total. Most of these charter flights are light arriving and heavier departing - whether it's fish coolers or local trinkets. It most likely was overweight - something in the back or in the pod shifted at it found a mountainside. Or a combination of winds and overweight.

RIP Capt Retana - a good pilot
justin chavez 1
The 9 pax is an FAA regulatory limit. Outside the US it is certified as a 14 seat aircraft, 12 pax and 2 pilots. It can easily carry the 14 and 1000 lbs of fuel. The pods have internal dividers and the shape of the rear storage area in the pod is such that a large item cannot slide rearward
matt jensen 1
I flew in that particular plane about a year ago. The FAA reg was adhered to because the plane had several previous US operators.

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