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British Airways confirms September 1 launch for “restaurant style dining” in Club World

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British Airways will launch its revamped Club World dining service on September 1, with passengers being offered a choice of starters and desserts from new display trolleys. The carrier announced the new service earlier this year as part the airline’s £400 million investment in Club World, and will initially offer it on the Heathrow-New York JFK route, with plans to roll it out across the rest of the network... ( עוד...

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john russell 3
I will still not fly with this airline,mutton dressed as lamb.
john russell 3
Truth is Victor, its only British by name, used to cover the masquerade by IAG. The "New dining service", with surly staff, mistreated by their employer, who insists we sit in ying yang cupboards to "dine". p.s. Im English and hate the way this crowd can besmirch the British name. Should be kicked out of terminal 5 as well, nothing special about them anymore.
Dominic Kelly 1
Nothing this airline does inspires me to fly with them again. So many viable alternative carriers exist who genuinely care about their passengers, their needs and their welfare. Particularly when things go wrong. An event BA are only too familiar with yet inept of management and resolve!
Victor Richardson 1
Being a Pommy I always used to insist on "Flying the Flag" but not any more.
steve kent 1
pretty rubbish airline in my opinion, i am British and the few times i have flown with them they were no better than ryanair. if they think they are a big player they should fly Emirates, etihad or Qatar to see how it is really done!
James Eaton 1
This "news" story shows just how far behind BA has fallen. Numerous carriers already offer this service and have done so for many years. I suppose this move is a step in the right direction but there are so many - too many - fundamentals that need attention first. Makes one wonder if senior management realise just how bad the situation is: their mantra should be "get the foundation right first". Used to love flying BA but no more: stopped about three years ago and have never regretted the decision. (Should have stopped a lot earlier but one lives in hope....).
Tony Riley 1
But how will this work for passengers in the window seats on Dreamliner configurations? How many butternut squash soups and walnuts from the cheese board will be dropped onto the intervening passenger on the inner aisle? "Fain daining" it won't be...
Francois Chevalier 1
I'd rather have the walnuts dropped on you know what rather than the soup...
Geoff Lane 1
Bearing in mind anyone entitled to use the BA Lounge (Or any other carrier's Lounge) will be also fed during the flight how much do people want to eat?
Victor Richardson 1
I now live in Botswana and I find SAA is very reliable for my Joburg to Heathrow trips.
Rosemary May 1
They need to do a lot more good food maybe but the prices go up.Shame BA is going down so much.

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