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The End of an Era: On Board United's Last Domestic 747 Flight

Many years ago the Jumbo Jet dominated major airports across the US, and seeing domestic flights operated by the 747 was the norm... But today, United and Delta are the last US carriers to operate the 747 on commercial routes. Both are set to retire the iconic American-made jetliner by the end of this year. ( More...

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Len Jacobson 14
I was the "iInaugural Passenger" on the first American Airlines 747 from LAX to JFK on March 1, 1970 . After nearly 3,000,000 miles in the skies, it still stands out as an event to remember.
Sam Ashton 10
DL still has two more domestic 747 Flights on September 5th, HNL-LAX-DTW
Looked but could not find that on Delta's site for 9/5.
Here is the LAX-DTW leg:
s2v8377 1
Is DAL1326 the 747 flight LAX-DTW on 9/5? Delta shows "WH3" place holder seat map for that flight. The other flights are 737s and 757s.

I really wanted to do the United 747 trip but it was over a $1000 airfare to do it as I had to fly into ORD to catch it, and get back from SFO.

Please if any has more info please post it!!!
HNL-LAX leg:
The iconic 747 will always remain as the queen of the skies for many years to come. It's precious history and engineering marvel doesn't come close to any aircraft of its time since 1969. It will always be remembered much and loved much by aviation enthusiasts like myself who love Boeing jetliners.
My only flights on a 747 were not domestic, rather international to Europe in 1981 for an after college work/play trip. The return leg the KLM flight out of Amsterdam was oversold and we got bumped up to 1st Class w/o charge. SWEET ! i can still remember the awestruck "ME" cutting my own Filet Mignon steak with stainless steel cutlery, and drinking a Bordeaux out of real glass stemware!
Yes, it was on a seat tray in front of me, but it had a white tablecloth covering it, and what I would call 'pestering' service by the gracious and beautiful attendants. 36 years, and I can still taste every bite! Bon Voyage 747 !
Mark Henley 1
Robert, you were fortunate that it was KLM. Had it been United's 747 that bumped you, you'd have just gotten dragged off the plane instead of a bump up front....
So sad to see them go...
ilikerio 13
What jerk would thumbs-down this? Some people just don't understand the significance of the 747, and how much it means to those who are connected with it.
Shenghao Han -7
But the era is moving on.
Ric Wernicke 6
Anyone remember 1J on many Pan Am 74's? A single seat up front with truly first class service. Like flying private but with good food and a roomy toilet.

Next best had to be the C class upper decks. The quietest place to sleep. Perfect for NRT to LAX evening flights.

I think a 77 is a fine long haul airplane, but the lie flat seats they use now cradle me too much. I feel like a flying taco in those cabins.

I pine for the days when Northwest Orient was the "All 747 Airline."
David Bunch 1
Thanks for the nice comment. I flew 747s for Northwest for 17 years. There's no other aircraft I'd rather be in in turbulence than the 747. It rode it like a tank. And what nice landings it made.
Lee Strausberg 10
The 747 captured my imagination as a child. It's something to do with the sleek hump up front. There is a mystic and sexiness about it that other no other plane has. I, for one, will miss it.

Trying to eject the joy/sorrow of others is unfortunately how our current society works. Lower others altitude to raise your own until one day you realize you need to pull up your own life and let others fly their own plan.
ilikerio 9
It's definitely sad to see the iconic 747 go, and I just can't understand the lack of compassion from so many people (especially here on FlightAware). Do they not realize the historical significance? Maybe these newcomers don't have the same passion for aviation.
s2v8377 7
It's sad but true on a major rift of generations on FightAware these days. I get blasted for my comments all the time.

I'm boring the 757/767 are my favorites, but I truly respect the 747 and what it did for commercial aviation.

I'd more rather fly a 767 over a 787 or a 747 over an A380 any day. I also miss the MD-11s, DC-10s, and 727s!!! They were all classy planes.
Fact is - who ever the President of the United States is (next as the remodel will take at least six years by all estimates)...they will fly on a 747. I can not think of a better symbol for national pride.

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Dee Lowry 8
So what is your point, Paul? I think you're on the wrong forum.
I can: the Airbus A380 LOL
Shaun S 5
First ride in an airplane was a Pan Am 747. Airplane brings back memories of my childhood, spending time with my family and visiting others. I will miss this iconic machine. Thanks for the memories!!!!
My two favorites of my career were the first and the last with a lot of others in between. The Convair 340, the first, and the 747-400, the second, and years after retirement I still miss them both!
taterhed1 12
One look at the A380 gives me the 'gag' reflex.

One look at the 74 always brings a little tear to my eyes.

I remember flying on the rope-start 747 going into ORD at Mach-snot. It was so loud in the cockpit you needed earplugs. But, it was exhilarating. Someday, when we're flying the trans-Pacific routes in mega-stretched 737 'ultra Maxx' jets, we'll still look back and remember this grand old lady.

ilikerio 7
The 747 had such an impact on aviation. Some of us will look back and remember... But sadly, you can see from the comments here, there are some who don't care about the 747 at all. It's a shame.
International airlines still fly the 747, like KLM and British Airways still fly the 747-400 into LAX and Lufthansa with their new 747-8i as well as Korean Air and China Airlines with Qantas.
Except KLM is slowly phasing them out and BA has the largest fleet of the oldest airframes remaining so it won't be long before all of the 400s are done. Even if the turn into BCFs they still won't last long.

It's up to the 800s to continue on and then we'll see what the markets are like in another 20 years..
Dee Lowry 3
God save the "Queen"! She will always have an overwhelming presence wherever she lands. She will continue to keep her legacy alive with the new 747-8 Air Force One. BORN IN THE USA.
Robert Hirst 3
Hail and farewell to the queen of the skies.
Yes sir indeed ;)
ilikerio 4
Okay, so this is how much FlightAware cares about the 747. 15 ejects. Pathetic.
Dee Lowry 4
illkerio- I started flying the 747-100 in 1972. Just an awsome feat of aviation.Flew the generations of the 747. The 100, 200, the SP, to the 400. Just want to put a shout out to her creator...the late Joe Sutter who was the creator of the B-747. He was brilliant in his design. Boeing didn't know if it would work but I remember the "Roll-Out". Then were the test flights and she exceeded all expectations
Thank you, Joe. You made aviation history! RIP, my friend.
I like the 707, but I'm not going to force people to care about it!!!
ilikerio 5
So posting a Squawk and wishing people realized the significance is "forcing people to care?"
s2v8377 1
The 707 is a classic. Anyone who can't appreciate that aircraft can't love jets!!!
Dee Lowry 3
The B-707 was the birth of the "jet-age" in 1957. PanAm was the first to fly it commercially in 1958. Proud to be a "Boeing Brat"!
It's not pathetic at all, it's just that a lot of people do not get worked up over an old airplane. In addition, there is the over-reporting of it's passing. I personally would be far more interested in an RV14.
ilikerio 6
"Over-reporting?" From what I've seen this is the only post even remotely related to the last domestic 747 flights.
Jeffrey Bue 1
A great airplane that had the "look". However, time moves on... she had a great run, that's for sure.
Jay Sprague 1
One of my favorite flights...DFW-NRT aboard a 747SP...
Any 747SPs still in service?
Dee Lowry 1
If one has ever had a love affair with and aircraft, which most aviators do, mine would be the B-747. There is an awesome romance that one feels. Not only looking at her beauty on the ground but feeling her strength and power in the air. She will be an icon in aviation history.
It is my understanding from conversations with some UA staff last week that UA will retire its entire 747-400 fleet this Autumn. The HKG to SFO route has already been changed to brand new 777-300ER aircraft featuring their Polaris business class as of last March.
I still marvel as I recall standing on the LIRR platform at Valley Stream watching a string of '47s on approach to JFK, and wondering how anything so huge could stay in the air at that speed. They were as magic.
ilikerio -2
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The End of an Era: On Board United's Last Domestic 747 Flight

Many years ago the Jumbo Jet dominated major airports across the US, and seeing domestic flights operated by the 747 was the norm... But today, United and Delta are the last US carriers to operate the 747 on commercial routes. Both are set to retire the iconic American-made jetliner by the end of this year.
ilikerio 2
What the crap..?


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