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Robot lands a 737 by hand, on a dare from DARPA

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Building a bot for the co-pilot's seat may be cheaper than adding automation software ( עוד...

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Linda Nitzschke 5
And if a robot had piloted Flight 232 in '89, probably all passengers would have died before they even reached Sioux Gateway Airport in Sioux City, Iowa.
bbabis 2
I'm no fan of robots, but to keep the ifs in perspective, if a robot had been flying in airline accidents that were pilot error, the accident may not have happened.
bbabis 7
Didn't I already see that in the movie "Airplane?"
sparkie624 3
Not really... this Robot was not fitted with a Manual Inflation Port :) - Don't forget about when the plane was losing altitude...
william baker 3
That was an inflatable blow up doll lol. Besides now all I can think of is.... DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO FIX A ROBOT OR LAND A PLANE???
Robert Black 1
I think the builders would know how to fix it if it failed.
So, there would have to be a repair tech aboard on all flights? Can't fix a broken wire or hose from the office.
sparkie624 3
I am a repair tech... and I AINT and AINT with EMPHASIS... Flying with that thing!
william baker 1
Sparkie where the heck have you been lol.
sparkie624 1
I've been around.... Just haven't been as talkative lately
Cansojr 1
No on the robots and yes on landing 400,000lbs aircraft. We are in big trouble at the International Bot Port. Yeah and the damn thing repeats a mechanical voice: I am in control...control...contraglxx...zzzzz fizzle pop.
Glenn Blum 1
Yes, However it took some help to get it to deploy.
Can't wait to fly with a bot pilot. I'll do it right after I travel in a driverless car.
Let me add that I am crazy; not stupid!
Highflyer1950 2
All very interesting until the one armed metal guy goes missed due traffic on the runway, loses the left engine and with no feet has to decide.what to do first I increase power/raise the flaps then the gear/trim the aircraft/follow missed app procedures/ “talk to someone”/ oh, and the guy in the left seat, he is well, incapacitated. LOL. I’m all for automation but usually there are weather as well as functional limitations to its ability.
Robert Lockridge 2
I don't fly and know nothing about it, but it bumped the yoke (reasonably hard) at 1:14. Is that not potentially a not good thing?
I would think that at higher altitude it would not a big issue. At runway threshold it would be like a Korean Airlines landing.
sparkie624 1
It is a big deal... That bump was enough that the A/P should have disengaged.
Sparkie: Well at least at a higher altitude, if there would be another Flight officer present, the A/P could be reset.
The whole thing sounds ominous to me, too.
Hence my own policy:
Drive or take a train!
William Pearson 2
As the old saying goes "A pilot and a dog. The pilot is there to feed the dog. The dog is there to bite the pilot if he touches the controls"
sparkie624 2
In my opinion not quite as good of a job as it may appear... Note the end with the TR's in particular... Once the a/c is fully stopped the TR's should have been closed and engines idle... In this case here, the Robot held the TR's open well after fully stopped and notice the nose climbing... that a/c if real would have had a lot of tail damage followed by the Nose Gear slamming to the ground.
Leander Williams 1
I saw several flaws... If the bot is going to land the plane, it should be precise. When the instruction said to reduce speed to 190 knots, the bot set it for 192. When the instruction said to reduce speed to 150 knots, it reduced to 152. Only when it said to reduce to 140 knots did it get it exact. Several other instructions had the controls moving before the bot touched them.. Just my observation.
sparkie624 1
Yes... the a/c was already setup for Auto Land... Not my comment above about the TR's.... For this bet the guy who bet on the Robot lost... The A/c would have received damage from that landing.
It's only a flesh wound! (Monty Python)
crk112 1
This was not a robot landing a 737 by hand.

It was a robot manipulating a 737's autopilot and the 737 performed an auto-land.
sparkie624 1
Very true and may I say that he did a very bad job!
panam1971 1
"HAL, land the plane!"
"I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that..."
ivan schmith kuster -1
uma hora dessas vou aprender a usar corretamente o Flaightaware
sparkie624 1
Geez.. English.. The World Standard in every country for aviation....

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