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United's Triple Seven(th) Heaven

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United adds Boeing's latest generation Boeing 777 aircraft, the 777-300ER, to its fleet for 2017 The 777-300ER's modern, spacious cabin will be the first to feature the all-new United Polaris direct-aisle seats, part of the airline's sleep-enhancing business class experience ( עוד...

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Mark Duell 12
3-4-3 in Economy (Plus and otherwise) sounds more like hell than heaven to me.
Wolfgang Prigge 5
You are right, no amount of marketing hype is a substitute to missing inches.
Andy Cornwell 2
I've heard THAT before.
Wolfgang Prigge 2
Unless you are very rich of course, In that case you might get away with short fingers. :)
Ben Brillat 3
Absolutely. United's 3-4-3 is only 17.1 inches of width instead of the 18.5 that you get with 3-3-3. Especially on super long haul like with the 777, that extra 1.4 inches makes a huge difference in overall quality of the flight experience. Georgia Tech ergonomics paper says 50th percentile male shoulder breadth is 17.9 inches: 7-17. Shoulder Breadth.
Pileits 3
You can say that again.
Ian Deans 2
Sure is like hell. Add a tight seat pitch too and it's almost torture. Love the way these so-called "premium full-service" carriers seem to be leading the charge with cramped economy cabins. Now there is little difference between these and the budget carriers.
George de la Torre 4
Sad to see an amazing aircraft like the 777 being used by United, what an awful waste!
Chuck Dreier 2
Must one pay to use the overhead bins?
s2v8377 2
Not to defend United's B77W main cabin configuration, as I agree 3-4-3 seating on a 777 is a form of torture you have to pay for.

However, American also has it on their B77W and retrofitted B772's. Also many other international carries have taken delivery of their B77W's with 3-4-3 seating, so United is not doing anything that hasn't been done by others.

It's just a shame that airlines just don't care about the comfort of passengers in the main cabin anymore. It's all about profit at the expense of their customers.
Wolfgang Prigge 1
Mark Schenk 2
As I suspected, the business class enhancements will come at the price of a downgraded experience in economy. I'm not a wide person, but ten seats across in economy makes for a misery for anything more than a two-hour flight.
Rob Brown 2
No thanks, United. I'll keep paying a bit more to fly Korean Air to Asia and enjoying their 3-3-3, 18" wide, 34" pitch seats.
s2v8377 1
United's official press release on their newest fleet type the B77W. The flight numbers for the domestic service starting in February are UAL1920 EWR-SFO and UAL443 SFO-EWR.
s2v8377 1
Additional flight info from RouteOnline:

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