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Boeing's First 787-10 Enters into Final Assembly

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Boeing said on Thursday it has begun the final assembly of the first 787-10, a production milestone for the third and largest member of the Dreamliners. ( עוד...

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Calvin Chan 1
7810 Seven Eight Ten would be a good indicator
Dr John Quinn 1
Calvin: that was the point of the question. I'm looking for a three-digit indicator, per the examples you would see on an airline schedule: 737-800 becomes 738; a 747-8i becomes a 748. This isn't that.
Roy Hunte 1
Scott Campbell 1
Seven Eight One
Dr John Quinn 1
Well, thank you. And what would criteria be for said naming? Because it would preclude using another "781" for any future potential downsize craft on the same frame being the "781", short for 787-11, (should Boeing go the Airbus route to smaller craft, á la the A318,-9s). Probably stretching the probabilities beyond their reality, but fun to discuss... thanks for your conjecture, Scott.

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Ben Bosley 0
Boeing designs airplanes. They design components and contract to various companies to manufacture them.
Cade foster 1
Looking forward to seeing this beauty!
Vectorer 1
Whoops...CORRECTION. Make that B781, but we will see.
Vectorer 0
Should be B789...
Jim Anderson 2
Already have the B789..
Dr John Quinn 1
What will be the three-digit indicator for this craft, as seen in timetables (e.g. 777-300= 773; 787-9= 789)? Would it be 781 or 780?
Roy Hunte 1
Actually B78X
Roy Hunte 0
Or B78J like they did with the A35K.

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