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LAX Unveils $148 Million Connector To Link International, Domestic Terminals

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Passengers moving from some domestic terminals to the international terminal at Los Angeles International Airport can now avoid a long walk and security re-screening thanks to a new connector. The $148.5 million connector opened with fanfare Thursday. It allows travelers to move directly between the recently expanded Tom Bradley International Terminal on the west side of the airport and the five terminals on the airport’s south-facing side. ( עוד...

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Deborah Fortuna 4
Finally!!! Moving between two terminals at LAX was a nightmare.

Ben Deneweth 3
It still is for Terminals 1, 2, and 3.
Ben Deneweth 1
The connector itself has been open for a few months, but I think this means they have "finished" the project - probably meaning the new security checkpoint for connecting passengers opened.
Ed Merriam 1
and only like 2-3 years until you can get on the Green, or go over to the Expo
Hari Viswanathan 1
Fine, how about get the s*** traffic situation fixed? 2023 is way too long and everybody cringes at the thought of going into LAX

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