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How Emirates found success with the most controversial jet in the world

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More than a decade after its maiden flight, the Airbus A380 superjumbo remains a major point of interest and curiosity for passengers and airline industry insiders alike ( עוד...

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In the first image...what on earth is that black craft behind the 380? Some crazy coal painted DC10 thing that mated with a 747 and lost its wings?
clausingnj 8
Its a crash/fire rescue trainer. The firefighters can train on unique characteristics of aircraft such as a tail mounted engine on a DC-10 or evacuating people from the second deck of a 747/380.
scott8733 6
Still easier on the eyes than those ugly lunar rover vehicles that are used to shuttle folks around at IAD, LOL.
James Eaton 1
they still do! - sadly
Brian Grayson 2
That "black craft" behind is the Manchester Intl.(UK) airport fire and rescue training airframe.
Scott Campbell 1
@ 25 bill for 50 or so more Sir Clark - only subsidies can make this profitable
After the 50 or before if they pull the plug the 380 is dead
Muchits -1
Interesting how the article fails to mention the operating economics on the aircraft and dismisses the fact that the ME3 are heavily subsidized thereby allowing the 380 to be "economical" for them.
bentwing60 2
"Since the great recession, airlines around the world are run by risk averse boards who don't want to spend $400 million on a single plane," Clark said. "Here, we don't have that, it's just me and my boss (Emirates Group chairman H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum)."
I suspect Mr. Clark is right, had he a "real board" to report to and not a Name that is certainly connected to the oil money Tap, They wouldn't be there! When you own the "Tap" and Airbus, you can do what you please, and Delta, Murican, Younited, you name it in the U.S have said so. Hate to say it but I suspect the State Department might have something to do with muting that horn. Pretty amazin what you can do with a slick English "av guru" and unlimited money. Though "drill baby drill" seems to be squeezin "The tap".
Steven Palmer 5
@bentwing60 'Oil money tap' - Do you know anything about Dubai? It hardly has any oil. It produces around 60,000 barrels/day only; and at less than US$50 these days so times are quite hard for these poor boys.
Until you know the facts of life down here, and who owns/controls what, then......
Ruger9X19 1
Right, because the oil money from Abu Dhabi doesn't filter through Dubai, and 85% of UAE economy isn't from oil.
Steven Palmer 1
@Ruger9x19 --- ahh now you are thinking in the right direction and the low oil price has, and I am very serious about this, hit them very hard, projects/expenditure is 'on hold' and they have started to introduce 'taxes' and other revenue raisers like doubled 'speeding fines' etc etc -- but returning to the specific subject, I will give you another clue as to who is really the 'boss'. When EY opened a sales office in Dubai a few years ago, who do you think 'cut the ribbon' that day????
It was the EK chairman mentioned above and of course Mr Hogan of EY - there is your big clue.
Len O'Brien 3
murican huh, sucks to be you.
Comparing a "board" with the backing of an oil rich government (as opposed to an oil adverse government) is quite a reach....

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