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Co-Pilots not needed in commercial airliners.

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Really, Mr. O'Leary? Do Tell. ( עוד...

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EDWARD moore 0
Give me a break'' what a nitwit statement, will not fly that carrier at any price....................
riverjack 0
The industry cannot see what was lost when the Flight Engineer was removed. So I suppose they won’t miss the second pilot either.
People always said (years ago)--- I’ll never fly across the ocean without 4 engines.
I’ll never get in a plane with a woman Captain.
I’ll never fly with an all female crew.
I am not comfortable unless I see the Captain has some gray hairs –or no hair.
Not so long ago---
Airlines wouldn’t hire a pilot without military flight time.
They wouldn’t hire a pilot without thousands of hours in complex jet time.
They wouldn’t hire a pilot over 28 ½ years old.
Training was intensive and exhausting- Pilots had to know how to build the airplane –and fix it in flight.
Flight engineers had a tool kit assigned to them.
Flight manuals were divided into several 4” binders (the pilots had to know everything in them, and were tested)
Each jet had two large aircraft service manuals – to assist pilots in their trouble shooting in flight.
A new airline pilot regardless of the thousands of hours experience, still spent his early years as a flight engineer.
Flight Attendants were young and attractive –females-
The Captain was in charge of the Aircraft and his crew… Really, in charge and they knew it and respected him).
When a Captain approached the Gate Agents counter, he was greeted with a smile and an attention to whatever he was about to say.
When a captain requested additional fuel… he got it without hesitation. (we didn’t have to make or case or stamp our feet).
When a passenger asked for a blanket… he received it with a warm smile and a cup of hot coffee.

My oh My, how things have changed… and can anyone tell me if was all to improve safety, reliability or passenger comfort?
pfp217 0
We walked 6 miles each way in the snow baaah
MimosaDrive 0
Not a big deal. If there's a problem in flight, one of the standing-room only passengers could help out.
Jeff Lewis 0
Not to mention remotely piloted aircraft! The military are already doing it - Then one pilot could 'fly' more than one a/c at once...mmmm
Raqibul Hassan 0
well, even if you consider all the good things of eliminating the co-pilot, the captain needs someone to at least chit chat in the cockpit =P
David F. Franks 0
Why and how does such an out of touch CEO embarrass one self?
John Atherton 0
Perhaps Mr. O'Leary needs to read John Hansen's story above and then rethink his position...?
Skye777 0
Stupid! Plus he's sexist!! Not all pilots are men and not all flight attendants are women.

riverjack 0
I agree, I am stupid. But I am not a sexist! Just recaping history.

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