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747 crashes in DBX

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A UPS 747 has crashed after take off from the Dubai International Airport around 12 P.M. EDT. Early reports indicate a fire on board. Crew declared an emergency and tried to return. It is believed at this time that all crew members were killed. Will update with more info. ( עוד...

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Jeff Lewis 0
Hi all - first post - Anyone tell me why I have not been able to locate the Emirates A380 flying into EGLL - Manchester - around 1220hrs. from Wednesday onwards? Tried searching for the flight no. EK017, the airline name, and looking for it on the map display, but no luck?
Jeff Lewis 0
Pse ignore my first post - put it the the wrong b**** place!
Michael Denk 0
The BBC is now confirming from the UAE Civil Aviation authorities that the 2 man crew did not survive the crash and that their bodies were recovered.

As a fellow UPSer, my condolences goes out to the families of the 2 crewman.
Martin Ostrow 0
From what I know it was UPS flight 6. My Prayers go out to those who were involved.
Billylekid 0
Our prayers goes to the pilot's familys.
Avi8r747 0
Correct. UPS flight 6 departing Dubai for Cologne. Crew declared emergency shortly after departure. Unfortunately, both crew members did not survive. My deepest condolences to the crew and their family.
Jesus Rivera 0
Same here. Even though I'm more of a FedEx sympathizer, hate to hear things like this.
Bill Halpin 0
This is a sad day for all UPSers!
Elizabeth Robillard 0
Aviation has lost 2 fine airmen. We train and, on occasion, use that training in an effort to recover. They had a problem and they worked it all the way. Sometimes the problem is simply too catastrophic. My heartfelt condolences to their families.
mark macke 0
My condolences to all affected
Phillip Chi 0
My condolences to all affected! It is very sad for me to hear such a bad new especially this aircraft which I had worked for before her last assigment from HKG to DXB.
Phillip Chi 0
My condolences to all affected! It is very sad for me to hear such a bad new especially this aircraft which I had worked for before her last assigment from HKG to DXB.
Mark Krawiec 0
Oh my goodness! Bless the crew who was on board.
Timothy Pinkstone 0
My condolences to all affected
Wendell Smith 0
RIP cloud dancers!!!!
Cory Johnson 0
My prayers are with those families. We have lost two outstanding pilots and outstanding individuals, both here at UPS and in the aviation community as a whole.
Ryan Viveiros 0
Avi8r747 0
press release form UPS
NPS Rasmussen 0
Bless the families, friends, and all those invalided in their lives
Elizabeth Robillard 0
Preliminary report:
Charlie Kohler 0
Where Oh Where has the Flight Engineer Gone????
Gene spanos 0
Sorry for the loss of life.

On another note - where did this flight originate
from here in the USA ?

Then we read that there was a reported fire on board ?

Then an explosion ?

What did the cargo manifest list read ?

Finally, living under 5 glidge paths that now include the ORD - OMP
we here that are locked into these night time cargo take off vectors
all await this same type of incident. But we hope for the best.
6,000 families all fear the worst 24/7 and that's all due to Daley
and his machine.

Again, sorry for the losses for the UPS family.

Lt. Gene T. Spanos
Ret RPS Fire-Police
2nd Rig on the scene of AA flt 191.
Frank Wehmeyer 0
From UPS Honduras... Our deepest condolences to the crew and their family.
Jeff Fife 0
Our prayers and condolences to the families, friends and co-workers.
Our deepest condolences to their families.
Avi8r747 0
Gene, aircraft flight began in Dubai with Cologne as its destination. From Cologne, it would return to Louisville. The crew may have started their trip from Anchorage. At this time, there are still no official reports on the incident, however, according the reports from the UAE's aviation department reports that the crew reported smoke in the cockpit and a fire on board. Neither of these have been confirmed by UPS as of yet. The only explosion I can speculate on would be the moment of impact. As for a manifest list, authorities will look into it, by my not release the contents if determined not a cause. Finally, the Boeing 747 is one of the safest machines ever built. We all hope and pray this doesn't happen again. I hope that answers your questions. Thanks!
Rob Broere 0
This was a sad day and I want to pass my condolences to the families of the 2 pilots.
I live here in Dubai, just 1 minute further from the projected flight path, and the press feels the pilots sacrificed their lives to avoid a potential much bigger disaster.
If it would have crashed just 1KM before or few KMs afterward it would have hit residential areas and/or a busy highway. Instead it came down into the corner of a military facility where there was nobody at the location at that moment. They obviously were into serious trouble as it was stated they still operated on Bahrain Radar ATC frequency and had not even be able to switch to Dubai approach or Tower. People who lived just 20-30 seconds away from the impact site heard the plane coming over their houses very low with part or full engine power applied. This is ironically a residential compound full of Emirates pilots and management families. I will not speculate what caused it,as the crash investigators will have their work cut-out, but smoke in the cockpit has been a significant contributing factor as reported by the pilots themselves.
Duki Stok 0
Where Oh Where has the Flight Engineer Gone?Capital is capital,in the future will be enough only one pilot.
Charlie Kohler 0

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