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Predator UAV patrol US/Mexico Border

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Useful or a waster of tax dollars? ( עוד...

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ansonj 0
The Predator's are worth the money!!! If we didn't have so many groups in the goverment after the confiscated drug money, it could be used for all the Predator's cost & needs. A simple way to deter the illegal's is to have the Predator drop a couple of parachute flairs over them, everyone within ten miles sees what's happening, the place lights up like daylight, they scatter like rabbits before they ever get to the border and nobody gets endangered or hurt including our Border Patrol agents.
Jim Quinn 0
UAV's have been patrolling the border area for a couple of years already, and I believe they're one of the more cost-effective means of securing our southwestern states against intrusion. Unfortunately it doesn't do much good when our own ICE officials put out memos to release illegals.. I mean, why bother? It's a disgrace. But UAV's are a plus, for sure.

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