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JetBlue pilot busted for flying drunk to JFK

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After registering .111 on a Breathalyzer — nearly triple the FAA’s limit for pilots — boozed-up flier Dennis Thomas Murphy Jr. tried to blame the result on the “gum that he was chewing,” documents say. ( עוד...

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jbqwik 4
Apparently this guys has alcoholic tendencies. Good for JetBlue for taking a chance on the dude. Bad for JetBlue for taking a chance on the dude.
btweston 1
It's nice how everything is so simple, isn't it?
sparkie624 2
Drinking and Driving, Drinking and Flying today yesterday, or last year.. No compassion.. these people need to go... No Respect
matt jensen 3
He belongs in jail.
btweston 2
I guess by "busted" this fine children's newspaper means "appeared in court for something that occurred a year ago."
Cecil Clark 1
Airlines will (or rather, "have to") hire right seaters these days as soon as they meet bare minimums, them upgrade them to left seat as soon as they meet bare minimums. The senior FO at Jet Blue is celebrating their new upgrade to captain thanks to this guys dumbassery. lol
matt jensen 1
What do you need to have on the joy sticks - a breathalyser? Blow here sir - ok you're good to go.
sparkie624 1
No Respect for a Drunk... Good riddens.

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