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Muslim woman removed from Southwest Airlines flight

A flight attendant then approached Ms Abdulle and said they were not allowed to swap seats, despite the airline’s policy of unassigned seating. ( More...

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phil bethell 12
I'd wager there is far more to this story than what is told here.
VKSheridan 4
Yes, like the entire other side of the story.......
totally agree
I am still waiting for someone to explain what "other side" of the story there could possibly be that doesn't involve racist idiots. [Cricket chirp] I thought so.
Dave Chambers 4
Never judge when you only hear ONE side of the story!!
The problem with these forums is the automatic name calling of racist and bigot for making comments. None of which could be construed as racist. It is a quick and dirty way of saying shut up as I am right and you are wrong, end of story. It is saying, I don't value any other opinions. If opinions(of all types) are wanted, name calling and labeling people is not the answer. Not all people are racist, ignorant, or biased because they have a different opinion on this incident since none of us know the full story and may never know.
Gordon Dewis 1
So, comments like this "the lady is a victum of her life style. its about time our country makes people from other places smarten up and conform. if they can't then stay were they came from or stay home,maybe even get a car and license then go were ever they want and not make other passengers nervouis" (typos are the original commenter's, not mine) should not be called out?

What about "The Somaly woman never answered the question "Why do you want to change?" Tis and the Fact she spoke limited English is enough to raise suspicion.
100% of Kamikaze pilots were Japanese. 100% of terror acts were carried out by Muslim. ..."? There are factual errors in there and racist comments -- should they be allowed to stand unchallenged as "Oh, it's just a different opinion".

Neither of those is simply a matter of being a "different opinion".
Jim Welch -4
OMG. You are SUCH AN IDIOT!!! "My" bloodline is Native American. When YOUR family got here, did THEY CONFORM??!?!?!?? NO THEY DIDN'T. Go back to your T-rump rally, you racist FOOL.....
Gordon Dewis 2
I'm going to assume that you meant to vent that to the person I was responding to and not me.
btweston 9
Southwest has been on a roll lately. I swear, they must have the single most frightened employee base in the work force.
flight attendants and ground personnel who handle the passengers are supposed to be trained to be vigilant with regard to what might be considered "suspicious" activity by persons at the counter,at the gates and onboard the airplane..they are also trained to accept "diversity" in accents,languages,clothing and mannerisms..i heard this story recently,and ,having worked in an agents job for many years,it is my feeling the flight attendant was a bit too aggressive in her actions..southwest is open seating after all..
Pa Thomas 7
You are no longer free to move about the cabin.
Mort Young 5
Why did the woman want to set on the aisle? Not a tough question. It would have been easier for her to get to the toilet. I wonder why no one seemed to figure this out. Somebody online here must have taken his wife aboard a plane.
beilstwh -2
Or that it is more comfortable, there are a number of reasons. The BIT*H attendant should be fired, but she will not be. That would open the airline to a law suit.
you were there?
David Bernier 5
The unintended consequences of “See something, Say something”
MSReed 6
I fear that instead it is indeed the intended consequence. What ever happened to the land of the free and the home of the brave?
there more than likely are more details from the incident than were published..the story does not give every bit of minutia and im sure southwests public relations department wishes to keep it that way..there are always investigations,lawyers and tsa involved in these sort of episodes,so you can be assured everything is being investigated and stories and interviews being documented by all concerned..
Tom Neal 2
profile, profile, our lives are at stake. also national security
patrick baker 5
there are those among us who show great stupidity when dealing with foreigners, arabs, muslims. The pilot who was uncomfortable, the stewardess who was unsettled, the gate agent far too full of himself- these are not good public relation examples. I get the fear we have as a nation for "them, they" who would kill and maim for their own reasons. This woman was no threat, as I read it, so the cabin-bunny acted out of fear, not wisdom. bad policy. Pay the passenger for her troubles and embarrassment.
scott8733 13
Ditto, Patrick. As a frequent flyer, I'm far more scared of the dude weighing in a 3 and a half bills coming down the aisle- and praying he doesn't plop down next to me.
Indeed, if it was as stated!!!
Michael Hoare 2
Ok I have a general question not specifically about this flight,but what would happen if these people who are being kicked off a flight over something so trivial if they refused to leave.It seems to me they have a genuine reason to they havnt done anything to endanger the flight.
Matt Kladder 5
Then they are leaving in handcuffs. There are certain injustices in this world that cannot be dealt with on the spot. This is certainly one of those instances. Follow instructions, and deal with the injustice in a different setting.
Geo Anas 5
Well, I don't know in the US, seems like a jungle there... but for flight to/from/through Europe you have a series of rights if you are refused to fly, especially for no reason.
HA! very aptly put Geo Anas. America is taking great steps backwards. Its turning into a jungle.
tom treutlein 0
Is it stupid to refer to a 'cabin bunny'?
Russ Nelson 3
When did Americans become such cowards? Is there a defining event, or is it simply something that just happened slowly over time? I mean, you can't even let your kid walk around the corner to the McDonald's. We're getting to the point where any child without a parent hovering in the background is in danger of their life.

Hell, when I was a kid starting 58 years ago, my parents had no idea where I was when I was outside. And they were good, typical, loving parents who were raising their child according to the norms of the society. "go out and play" was the instruction of the day.

When it was suppertime, my dad would go outside and give a two-fingered whistle. "Oops, gotta go, dinner is ready."
beilstwh 3
That is how I was raised to. Get on my bike at 8am and I would be home for dinner when I was under 10. Crime is actually going down but everyone is freaked out
Stuart McCall 0
The defining event is called ISIS.
Geo Anas 0
You do know that ISIS is the result of us, the western world, putting our nose to the affairs of the middle east and changing the balance of power that existed there...
Stuart McCall 0
Yes I do know that. What you say is very very true. Now we have to learn how to manage our mistakes.
John Davis 2
We have the side of the story only from the husband speeking for his wife, because, well she has no right to think or speek for herself in their muslim household. I'll bet that many of the other passangers on that flight were more comfortable because of the actions of the flight crew member who had the woman removed.
Geo Anas 3
Unless you missed it, she took a later flight the same day. And she didn't speak english, which is the only language that americans understand.
Whether she has the right to speak or not in muslim household seems irrelevant in this story.
Verena Getz 2
until it's your wife thats thrown off! She looked at me funny- I didn't like it! She made me feel uncomfortable!
Jim Welch 1
This storry will make T-rump (and his supporters) very, very happy.
I worked in a manufacturing plant for 15 years, and one day a new hire asked me (in a whisper) "How do you feel about being the only white guy in your department?"
Well, I turned, looked down our production lines, and it dawned on me I WAS the only "white guy".
I told him "Ya know.....I'll have to get back to you on that one, because I never noticed!!!"
Isn't that what the Greatest Generation" fought and died for??!!???
People need to dislodge their heads from their asses.
beilstwh 0
I agree. I guarantee that the Flight Attendant is a Trump supporter.
patrick baker 1
this was not typical behavior from southwest until lately when ignorance has repeated itself publicly and far too often. If some stewardess is uncomfortable then she ought to get off the flight, not the object of her ignorance. From the cheap seats this seems to be systemic after similar incidents have been reported. I thank god above I do not look like any of THOSE people, so my travel will never be inconvenienced. Except if some cabin-bunny can't take my abrasive east coast humor, my unwillingness to stay silent in the face of really bad treatment of any fellow traveler, and just about anything else the easily offended can get easily offended about.
ddwinter 1
Until you hear both sides of the story, don't speculate. If you were a crewmember, and had reason to suspect a problem, it is better to get out on the ground rather than in the air. The passengers on the aircraft probably appreciated the action if there was even a hint of doubt. Easy to cry racism when you don't even know all the circumstances.
Elaine Welzel 1
Joe Kolisek 0
Always a rush to judgment based on one side of the story...."ASS"umptions run rampant!
beilstwh 2
If there was another side of the story, the woman would have been arrested and the airline spokesman would NOT have said that there was no issue. Your the ASS.
Ira Curtis -3
Better be careful than dead.
The Somaly woman never answered the question "Why do you want to change?" Tis and the Fact she spoke limited English is enough to raise suspicion.
100% of Kamikaze pilots were Japanese. 100% of terror acts were carried out by Muslim. The stewardess acted accordingly to her feeling because she had no other tool to make a calculated risk decision. and obviously the captain was involved too. Well done miss. Sleep tight tonight, You may have saved hundred or more lives. And if you made a mistake, let the airline apologies.
Gordon Dewis 4
"Better careful than dead."

Translation: I live in fear 24/7. The terrorists have won.

Fact: 100% of the nuclear weapons used in war were dropped by the United States of America.

The flight attendant made a decision motivated by irrational fear and not facts. The pilot had little choice but to support the flight attendant in this situation. The alternative of flying with a passenger the flight attendant wasn't comfortable with would likely have escalated because of actions of the flight attendant. What would she have done, for example, had the passenger gotten up to use the lavatory? We'll never know, obviously, but my guess is she would have reacted in an extreme manner.

Just because someone has limited skills speaking your language shouldn't be suspicious. If you're flying on a European airline and don't speak German, for example, and the FAs don't speak English, should they treat you as "suspicious" simply because you don't speak German?
Nukes saved a heck of a lot of American lives. You do what you do for your country; we will do what we have to for ours.

John L.
What about Oklahoma City ?
Russ Nelson 2
100% of terror acts were carried out by Muslim? You've looked this up? Where? And even if it was true (which it's not), what are you going to do about it? Restrict the rights of every Muslim person? All one billion of them? Yes, the probability that a random Muslim person is a terrorist is slightly slightly slightly slightly higher than anybody else, but that increase in probability is to small that it is not actionable.
beilstwh 2
You are 100% incorrect and an ignorant racist idiot. Most terrorist acts have been done by Christians (IRA, American Militias, Israeli jews before the creation of israel,...)

The woman being thrown off the plane was nothing more then prejudice. I have been asked to swap seats on airplanes and the person asking has NEVER been thrown off the plane or even questioned why they wanted to switch.
Geo Anas 0
Not to forget the american kids who shoot other kids at school...
Geo Anas -2
ok, I didn't do it on purpose to write these things twice...
Geo Anas -2
Not to forget the american kids shooting their schoolmates.
iflyifr -2
Right on!
albert duncan -3
the lady is a victum of her life style. its about time our country makes people from other places smarten up and conform. if they can't then stay were they came from or stay home,maybe even get a car and license then go were ever they want and not make other passengers nervouis.
Gordon Dewis 7
No, this lady is a victim of the prejudices of the flight attendant. Based on the story, the passenger did nothing wrong. No reports of being disruptive, abusive or threatening. The police were told there was no reason the passenger should be removed from the flight. The flight attendant simply said that she "[did] not feel comfortable" with the passenger.

I'm willing to bet that any other passenger switching seats would have been allowed to do so. Shameful behavior on the part of the flight attendant and shameful that the airline is supporting discrimination while saying they don't.
Geo Anas 3
First of all, she is of Somalian descent. So, maybe she is an American citizen. I remind you, you are of some descent as well and most probably not American at all. Probably European. So, maybe you should have stayed here (although most probably we wouldn't want your type of people here).
Second, it's about time people from your country to smarten up. Just because the employees of a airline company are retarded, it doesn't mean that everyone should join their retardedness... They should conform with the requirements of their clients - especially since there is no apparent safety issue.
Now of course, this might be one side of the story and I'm willing to change my opinion if more information arise. But the fact that she did fly a few hours later means that most probably she wasn't a terrorist and she only wanted to change seats.....
iflyifr -2
By the time of the next flight S W had time check for bombs under all of the material she was wearing. You who feel so bad for a Muslim who fakes her English and may want the aisle seat so she is better able hijack the plane would be the first to bitch about security when the plane went down. Remember; they all hate us!
Geo Anas 0
Hahahaha... You are being funny, although you don't try to...
So, the terrorists have to follow the simple guideline "Don't ask for a seat change" next time they plan to hijack a plane.
I know several Muslims and I'm sure they don't hate me. Probably you know none... But from what you say, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone, not only Muslims, hated you...
Gordon Dewis 0
Wow. Just wow.

Do you actually travel outside the borders of your country, or do you simply believe everything the alarmist xenophobes would have you believe?
Geo Anas 0
Probably also believes that getting more guns at home will stop the kids that take guns from home and kill their schoolmates from doing it.
Geo Anas 0
Hahahaha... You are funny, although you didn't mean it.
So, all the terrorists have to follow the simple guideline "Don't ask to change your seat" next time they plan to hijack a plane.
I doubt you know one Muslim personally to conclude if they hate you or not. But from what you say, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone, and not only Muslims, hated you...
Yup, gosh durn it! About time these folks that don't look and act like me understand that this whole freedom thing only applies to the folks I like, like in the good old days before this whole civil rights thing, where people with dark skin couldn't make me uncomfortable by drinking out of my water fountain or sitting in the front of the bus.
Tammie Maloney -1
I wonder if SW has been warned by the FBI or similar agency that they may be a potential terrorist target.? If so, we may hear just one side of the story without SW being able to give their entire side of the story.
beilstwh 5
If the woman was a terrorist threat, the woman would have been arrested. Your really reaching now.
I didn't mean she was a threat, just saying the flight attendants may be hyper aware if they have received a warning.
Gordon Dewis 3
Then the answer to the question "Is there any reason this passenger should be removed from the airplane?" should have been "Yes, SW has been advised it is at elevated risk and this passenger is considered a higher than usual risk.", not "No."

Justifying racism/xenophobia by saying "Because, security" is dangerous and only serves to fan the flames of racism and xenophobia.
Super hyper and racist.
She would of never made it to the plane if The FBI thought she was a potential target.
Pat Reed 0
What happened to the person who switched seats with her. Was that person removed? Flying is such an adventure these days.
Geo Anas 0
He's probably in a dungeon, explaining his involvement to terrorism
Being politically correct and the requirement to acquiesce to certain groups is getting out of hand. Cabin crews are now required to participate in overly extensive sensitivity training these days, so I doubt the preponderance of guilt rests with the crew. It would be interesting to know how many folks are required to deplane each day, but I would wager being of a specific religion is not the major cause. After all, most terrorists are Caucasian elderly grandmothers, so the lady involved was not characterized unfairly.

John L
Hey, wake up. These Muslim assholes are all inhuman. You do gooders who are old enough would not sit next to a Nazi Brown shirt on a plane. You're all full of shit and would change your opinion when a family member is blown up at a mall or is raped.
typical from Southwest Airlines


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