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Airbus: Plane Manufacturer Files Patent That Shows Passengers Stacked Atop One Another

Airbus filed a patent application for a seating arrangement in its planes that would allow two stacked rows of seats. Drawings appear to show some seats can lie flat as a result. ( More...

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djames225 4
You're a poet and did'nt really know it..thumbs up
chalet 9
What the hell do they mean by "filing a patent". The original patent for canning meat and other staples was filed by a frenchman (of all nationalities) by the name of Philippe de Girard in the early 1810s. Perhaps it was a crude device. In the 1920s the US Patent Office granted several patents for canning fruit and other foodstuffs. So with a little tweaking those inventions can be used for canning people inside the innards of the Whale 380 without having to pay hefty royalties (LIMAO)
David Seider 2
"Meat" in a cylindrical aluminum container? Yup, already done. Patent infringement!
Quackers 8
a no win for passengers -
Sit on the top and you've got people looking up your pants, privacy issues and a somewhat lack of floor space.
Sit on the bottom, you've got people looking down your shirt, privacy issues, and god help you if there's turbulence and they just served piping hot coffee....
Whendogsfly 4
Beware of person getting air sick above you.
ddesfosse 4
Or the people who had mexican in the terminal before the flight.... Ugh!
preacher1 9
Somebody has way to much time on their hands.
Prolly sitting at home drawing disability or unemployment,welfare, food stamps, medicade, drinking Miller Lite (yuk) and smoking some of Mexico's finest. LG!
I draw disability, so in your view, that makes me less than a person. I strongly resent derogatory comments like that.
Ummm. This is Airbus a European Company. No US welfare here!
He sold it to them for cash so he didn't lose his bennies. Lol
SmokedChops 4
short response? "no" ...long response? "hell, no" It is already similar to playing 'human "Jenga" to get off of a fully laden A319. The Marquis De Sade School of Industrial Design rears its inept grasp of the human form, yet again.
dee9bee 7
I just hope the passenger above me doesn't fart...
chalet 1
She just did (LIMAO)
Paul Smith 3
I think Airbus has embraced the BUS part of their name too much.
Tomer Ariav 3
I squawked recently that the aircraft industry is getting their seating (stowage) ideas from the slave ships in 1790. See drawings in the following link:
linbb 2
Stupid is as Stupid does and here Airbust has gone the extra mile to insure passenger discomfort at its finest. WOW what a concept, next just bag em and tag em.
Awesome! Can't wait to try this out. I can't see a lot of ladies in skirts wanting to sit in the elevated seats.
patrick baker 2
go the other way, entirely. Remember airline flights in the 70's and 80's, before deregulation. Give spacious legroom, comfortable seats, meals worth digesting,airliners perhaps seating 150 where they now sit 200.... scale up the price of the ticket, and watch the folks get on with a happy smile, and leave content at the destination. Passengers are not poor, rather cheap, bargain hunters always disappointed . I don't suggest this experiment go beyond a few airplanes, until the word gets out about happy-flight. Maybe yes, maybe no.
preacher1 3
Pax may not be poor but it was the upper crust of society that flew. Rest of the folks either had their own planes or went train or bus.
AWAAlum 2
We've come full circle. Today it costs more to take a train than a plane.
Rob Peter 2
Headline news Flash! Half the passengers survive by having their heads protected by the person sitting above them. Unfortunately they died of suffocation. The airline is trying to put the blame on the people in the upper seats. This idea is almost as bad as the stand up seating design where you sit on a pole with a short rectangular wedge invented by a German designer last year. Maybe I should patent the use of coffins claiming them to be private cabins for first class.
Paul Smith 2
What would you expect from the countries that brought you 40/8 stock cars.
patrick baker 1
this is theoretical, an exercise in silly thinking, and this will never come into use for paying cattle, er passengers. There is no mobility here , and what their price points come to be will surely not reflect economies of scale, therefore lower prices. Better idea is to put all paying suckers into a state of unconsciousness, then stack them like cordwood in coffin-like seating, three deep and four high. Better to be not awake then sit in this stupidity seating arrangement.
joel wiley 1
It is theoretical at this point, but consider the number of hare-brained ideas that were implemented (or at least an attempt was made). Re: unconscious cordwood- the expense of the pharmacology involved would eat into the profits. Besides, since when do they care about the feelings of the self-loading cargo?
ddesfosse 1
Don't tell the folks at Spirit about this! At least the video explaining it to the flying sardine public would probably be humorous.
Dan Mitzel 1
Google Budd Slumbercoach - the rails did this with economy sleeping cars back in the '50s. It wasn't a bad way to ride, and less $$$ than a Pullman bedroom. If this means I can move up from coach to business class (i.e. lie-flat beds) on long-haul flights I'm all for it. Why not use the air-rights above the main level if partitions can be added to ensure privacy? I'm sure the drawings leave them out for clarity regarding the patent application. These aren't engineering drawings after all.
jeffking45 1
I hate to say it, but it reminds me of the accommodations on a slave ship. With slightly more room.
Michael O'Leary must be salivating!
djames225 1
"Ladies and gentlemen welcome aboard our newest Airbus A365 Sardine Can special...the flight attendants will show those of you in the lower seats how to lay down and they will then strap you in...we would not want you flailing about mid flight dont you know...and bed pans will be provided"
Jim Heslop 1
.....provided.....for an extra $50.00!
joel wiley 1
Why seats at all? SRO packing ala subways. 1st class less dense than economy cramming. Pack tightly enough, seatbelts unneeded.
jwmson 1
Don't tell "Airworse"--- they would try it.
William Wood 1
There were DC-3 that were converted to sleepers back in the 1930's. Nothing new in the Airbus idea.
Seating configurations are crammed enough already. Wouldn't be caught dead in one of these stacked seatings
Steve Worral 1
The plane still looks like an uncirc, um, well, never mind.
TWA55 1
All okay until S--- hits the fan, legs, bodies going everywhere, no thanks
Jim Heslop 1
I get the top seat! And I have gas!
sparkie624 1
I do not like this idea... Hope it never gets off the ground... That is a plane for south west as they believe in cattle hauling... HMM.. Maybe they are targeting south west airlines as a potential client.. :)
AWAAlum 3
There's nothing wrong with Southwest. I receive the same level of service, sometimes better, than with other airlines.
If it makes the price of the ticket cheaper then people will go for this, period.
Dubslow -1
This is a duplicate
preacher1 1
Bill, I'm not sure if this is an exact duplicate or just another paranoid interior patent they have came up with. It sounds familiar but they have filed so many here lately it's hard to keep track.
John Buckley 0
. . . If we think about it: people fly less because of the crowding; we take fewer vacations; people get left trying to drive home because of route plans that don't get serviced because of airline shenanigans! Personally I think it is all in "Restraint of Trade". This industry has a 'choke hold' on our commerce and is helping to erode civility.


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