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American to shut Down Engine Plant 500 to lose Jobs

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Rolls Royce and American Airlines are shutting down a Texas plant that maintains and repairs aircraft engines ( עוד...

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preacher1 5
The story said it was a 50-50 venture so give RR some of the shutdown credit too.
canuck44 1
If it was a 50-50 "partnership" either party could shut it down, but apparently this was a mutual agreement. With the capital investment already in place and a skilled staff, it is a little surprising American didn't opt to expand the service beyond RR engines and/or other carriers.
preacher1 2
Well, they have offered jobs to displaced workers so they ain't too bad/
linbb 2
I guess that some think a company can just snap its fingers and keep a plant running damn the cost. Business is what it is, make money. They already have other places doing overhauls on other engine types. I think also they are talking about shifting workers to other sites. Nothing new here.
canuck44 1
Really only 100 in the area just enough to keep the union quiet.
joel wiley 1
Might be reasonable and prudent business plan to do that. It would require financial commitments that would thin out the quarterly numbers and affect CEO bonuses.
rebomar 3
Why doesn't the title read "Rolls Royce to shut Down Engine Plant..." since RR is the one that made the request?
"American said Tuesday that it accepted a 'Rolls Royce request' to dissolve the joint venture and close the Texas Aero Engine Services plant in Fort Worth.
Bernie20910 1
A better question is why is "Down" capitalized? Is that the name of the plant?
joel wiley 1
Or why is shut, lose, and jobs not? Clearly poster is unfamiliar with AP Style Book.
preacher1 1
That's what I wondered. AA can't help the engines they are going too.
SmokedChops 2
probably a fair decline in the number of RB.211's that are in use by American. (unless they become a contracted MRO for other carriers...) Quick check shows 67 B752 airframes in use, slated for retirement, to be replaced with A321. The list of other airframes using the RB.211 is rather short, with several now in retirement. Skilled workers, put them to good use!
canuck44 1
Agree...assuming 60% of the staff losing employment are technicians that is still going to leave 200 on unemployment or forced to relocate. The capital investment in the facility must be huge. I would look at the current partners to pass it to another owner to look to a multi-engine business model...paying the workers less to do the same job.
usad 1
All the while those workers face ever increasing costs of living. The rubber band is stretched as far as it can go. It's not going to work very much longer folks.
matt jensen 1
Doesn't RR still have an engine plant in Indiana?

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preacher1 1
I don't see a labor savings here Phil, since they are keeping the folks in FTW and adding 100.

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