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Typhoon LIFTING a B744!

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Video of the typhoon lifting up the front of this 744. Pretty incredible! ( עוד...

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Bill Schmiett 3
We're going to need a bigger nosewheel chock.
preacher1 2
Looks like the chock is big enough but whoever though about needing a tie down on big iron.
Reminded me of a race horse in the stable area
WhiteKnight77 2
This is just another instance in which Mother Nature shows that you never mess with her. Now, how are they going to retrofit the ramps with pad eyes to chain planes down there?
sam kuminecz 2
I remember
Northwest dc-9s and delta MD-80s sitting on their tails at KBUF oct 2006... Wet heavy snow...I gotta dig those photos out and post them here...
jmilleratp 2
30west 1
preacher1 1
That is some hefty wind.
Loral Thomas 1
Gonna take extra care on the walk around!
renato anel 1
That typhoon must have wind/gusts of 155+ knts (the B744 VR) to lift the nose of such a heavy plane!
Ray Dahl 1
A very rare occurrence…
David Burns 1
I worked at Andrews Air Force base, Maryland, USA, in the late seventies. A Hurricane came over the base and lifted our C130's off the ground. The wind was such that the chains holding the aircraft to their tie-downs were held taught by the winds.
WhiteKnight77 1
That reminds me of a story about a tornado at Offutt AFB in 71 while I was a kid. My Pops had gone up the hill behind the housing area after tornado warnings were issued and saw the tornado that ended up cutting across the base to the back gate and beyond. Of course at that time, there was an air museum there with a B-36. Supposedly, a man who lived off base was standing in his picture window to watch the tornado changed his mind when he saw that big bomber try to take off by itself.
Peter McLaughlin 1
Wow!Now that's some heavy winds!
Dave Mathes 1
.....uhhh, are we at Vb?....
Almir Costa 1
KauaiGolfer 1
Why on earth did they leave an airplane on the ramp, directly in a storm's path?
Daniel Shih 1
Robert Sloane 1
incredible and i had to think...where are the tie downs
wx1996 1
What about a new item for the parking checklist before Typhoon, sit more more nose down trim?
sam kuminecz 1
Seems like it coulda been worse if it was facing into the wind...looks like the rain and wind is blowing across the wings not along the wing.
Ray Dahl 1
Saw some 747's in Marana (YouTube) that were actually moved about by strong winds...nose up 20ft or so. No engines installed.

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Andy Cruickshank 3
744 is the designation for the 400 series B747 hence 744!

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Ken McIntyre 2
LOL, gonna remember that one.
Colleen Watkins 1
you and me both

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