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Picnic Tables banned at U.S. Airports

A recent FAA inspection at the Norwood Memorial Airport by Mr. Tom Vick of the N.E Region of the FAA has resulted in a ban of all picnic tables "inside the fence" as they are contrary to the FAA Grant Assurances. Clarification by Mary Walsh of the N.E Region of the FAA indicates that the tables are a potential safety hazard because their use may attract wildlife. ( More...

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bbabis 17
Maybe they should ban airplanes. They seem to attract pilots that then can become the cause of accidents.
HL Dunkle 16
How about banning trash cans, dumpsters and all... they attract fly's and birds to... never heard such stupid comments. And rules. Maybe he should get a real life. A lot of CFI's eat at those tables sometimes with students or people flying.
bentwing60 13
I think we will see this become a regularly ignored edict at small airport USA as I would like Mr Vick to become!
zennermd 1
And I would hope so.
patrick baker 10
this mr vick is far too important, at least in his own mind. Silliness, stupidity even, and plain simplemindedness on display, with great health benefits as part of the job. He makes no sense with his statement Does anybody need to pay any attention to him here ?
justin chavez 10
I always thought that I would work for the FAA as on Ops inspector if I ever quit flying but I think I would be to ashamed to be part of an organization that behaves in the manner of the FAA.
Shaun Stamnes 9
Wow. What a coincidence. Just the other day I went to my local airport and couldn't sit down because the deer, turkeys, cranes and squirrels had taken all the good seats. Put Mr Vick down for a Darwin Award.
They may have misspelled his name. I think it should have been Mr Tom Dick, not Mr Tom Vick!
Eric Barnum 3
The larger we allow the government to be the more they need to find ways to justify how much they are needed. The very industry they rely on for existence is rapidly coming to a close by the actions of such idiots.
mrdude 3
Someone should put a prop on the table, the Inspector would walk right past it!
J C Hancock 3
Where in the world do we find these people. They work for the government. They couldn't possibly hold a job in private industry. And to add insult to injury……they take home more money than does a person in private industry. SHAMEFUL!
jeff slack 2
Lunacy or paranoia I am not sure which.......
Lee Smith 2
Starting my weekend with some FAA Humor, still Rolling on the Floor laughing! WOW, Does Mr. Vick know the meaning of his job, and K.I.S.
EO RobbinsI 2
Bureaucracy gone amuck....but then that's the norm now. We get what we voted for.....or more correctly "what they voted for".
bbabis 1
That is the real problem. "they vote or are voted for. "
The operative word is "may." And maybe not. What an idiot. The thing picnic tables attract is people to come and see how general aviation works and what the benefits might be for them. Dumbest move by an FAA inspector this week. I'd say year, but I know better...there are other stupid, unthinking people out there in the FAA.
James Casey 2
Someone please tell me this is from "The Onion".....please....anyone....*sigh*
btweston 2
Pa Thomas 2
Cue the spokesperson for the Picnictable Manufacturers Society (PMS)and how the hobnail boot of government regulation will strangle American values in 3.....2.......1.......
btweston 3
Interesting. Following the link takes you to a website for the town of Norwood, Massachusetts which contains zero information about the topic at hand. A google search for "FAA picnic tables" provides a link to this very flightaware page and... nothing else having to do with this story.

Where did this story come from? Why are you guys freaking out? I saw a comment about paranoia... Ha!

Calm down. Watch your language. You look like children.
lynx318 3
Agreed, this story is a fairy tale, no corroborating web page anywhere, including a search in FAA website.
siriusloon 0
Careful, you don't want to be posting sensible things here. Children are at play.
Jerry Rader 1
What are the fences for?
BT Weston, don't ruin our fun with facts. Probably is a bogus story but its too much fun being an "expert" at everything we know nothing about!
Peter Chamlis 1
I hear that Yogi Bear likes picnic baskets.
patrick baker 1
upon reflection, this governmental troll seems deficient in common or any other sense. I am very familiar with the level of quality in management in this agency, and this does not surprise me as much as it disgusts me.
FlightSeer 1
Wildlife? Gee - and I was worried someone was going to drag one through a Jetway and hit me on the head with it. Silly me.
Doug Zalud 1
I can't find anything about this either. What gives? Any other supporting data?
Devon Raisch 1
Bless him. Some people just can't help it.
Chris B 1
I'd call it a work bench....
Eric Pearson 1
Remember folks, you're dealing with a bureaucracy. Typically, they are staffed by incapable incompetents. This response to picnic tables is proof....
J C Hancock 1
AS the old saying goes: "It's hard to soar with the Eagles, when you have to work with the turkeys!" This guy, vick, is more like a toad!
is this the same guy that suspended Bob Hoover's license? Same thinking.
Joseph Fox -1
And tax payers are paying for this SHIT...


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