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Everything You Need To Know About The First Civilian Tilt Rotor Aircraft

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The V-22 Osprey has dominated the rotary wing, vertical take-off market for years, but its only available to the military. Now, AgustaWestland is on pace to begin production of the AW609, the first civilian tilt-rotor, at its plant in Philadelphia while moving most of the flight test activity from Italy to the U.S. ( עוד...

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WtfWtf 3
Really awesome! "In the event of a single engine failure, either engine can provide power to both proprotors via a drive shaft; the AW609 is also capable of autorotation." From Wikipedia
bbabis 0
Yes, and a brick is capable of gliding. Just not very well!
tim mitchell 1
on display at the Smithsonian Air and Space museum in Chantilly VA

jbqwik 1
Very cool a/c. If actually as noisy as that video the pax will need ear plugs.
Jim Smirh 1
Helicopters cannot fly, it's a simple aerodynamic impossibility. Adding a complex tilt engine mechanism will not change these laws!!! Seriously, I would not want to be a passenger on such a complex aircraft with a pilot who flew only a couple of times a month. I'm sure the computer-controled systems are great, so nothing can go wrong, nothing can go wrong, nothing kan goe rong, nuth... 8+|
bbabis 1
Yeah, it looked good on paper but "complex" doesn't skim the surface of what this machine is. Bell made the correct determination. The only entities that can operate these are the same as the V22s. They are militaries and other organizations with bottomless pockets. Orders will be few and far between and the first accident will dry those up. Good luck to the Brits. We'll se what they can do with it.
Gary Okupant 1
Hilicopters are lifed by rotors. Rotors fly. Thus, lift by propellors, flight by wing.
Remember the New York, Tilt Rotor, PAN AM, flights? Look it up.

What flew then, the small wings, or the rotor doing iifting. Either way; autorotation is automatic.

Is gliding automatic, or does lift first be obtained. In Tilt rotors, you always have
lift, especially to autorotation, which is auto-lift!

Now that "Slow Rotor", lift has been accomplished; are you in rotor lift, or rotor lift, and lift by forward
motion, ie 'wing lift'?

These arguments of rotor vs wing is absurd. Who cares.

The recumbent bicycle(Human powered Vehicle{HPV]), is safer, than a bicycle, especially
when you crash them. Yet, everyone rides a bicycle, not HPV. Shouldn't the philosophy
of the need for helmet, prevail, for the HPV vs bicycle?

Tilt rotor is safer; just as Wart Hog, is safer for ground support vs. fast mover's, just not

Big business killed the tilt rotor, and Thomas Edison designed a safe airplane, yet no one used.

IF we let business and economics decide, vs gov't; maybe we would all have safe everything
that's affordable.

When the all electric plane was killed by government, through J. Rockefeller, as was the all
electric car, in the early 1900's. then you should have known, it's all about shadow's, not
science, not fairness, not economics; it's about WHO controls the economics and has the power.
Martin Haisman 1
Woohoo self destruction in 5, 4 3, 2.........

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