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SLC In Motion (Timelapse)

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Time lapse video captures the beauty and activity of operations at Salt Lake City International Airport. ( עוד...

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Bobbie Munger 1
Wow! Beautiful! A ballet of earth and sky. Thanks for that video.
oowmmr 1
Boy they looked like tracers from a 20mm canon.
Ezra Roper 1
Carolovgo 1

Dreamflyer13 1
That is one cool video!
Bob Schick 1
Very cool video
Edward Dougherty 1
Gorgeous, in every way. Particularly liked the many different angles - up close on one spot, then fuller pans that caught, for instance, runways in the distance. Nicely done. And I have to say I liked the music more than I thought I might. Thank you for drawing this to my attention. Wouldn't have seen it otherwise.
AAaviator 1
Kris Hubbard 1
Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
Craig Erickson 1
Way cool. Very well done!

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