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Vintage Plane Accident Closes D.C. Runway

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The main runway at Reagan National Airport (KDCA) was closed after an accident involving a vintage aircraft. The small yellow biplane, part of a fly-over demonstration, was already on the ground when it tipped over, reports CBS Affiliate WUSA. The plane was part of an aerial demonstration of vintage Stearman biplanes for "Legends of Flight," an IMAX movie making its debut in Washington. Television coverage showed the biplane upside-down on a runway, resting on the upper wing and with… ( עוד...

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Daniel Baker 0
I'm unclear if this happened during the landing. "Was already on the ground" doesn't really explain much if it was an accident during the landing rollout.
John Heller 0
Looks like he landed with the parking brake on. Watch the left main. It starts smoking the moment it touches the runway.
john folk 0
First time i checked out in one, the instructor said "stay off the brakes and we'll be friends" . They go on the nose real easy...Could have been a locked brake but it almost looks like he stalled above the runway
Max Perry 0
There are a couple of vids, one from inside the cockpit and another from the terminal. It definately looks like brakes to me, instantaneously on its nose at touchdown.
Bill Beasley 0
Parking braked used to stop wheel spin on takeoff? Left on when landing?
Vids I saw had instant smoke and no rotation on wheel touch.
swafreakpilot 0
what I want to know is... what kind of controller lands a vintage plane on Runway 1 at DCA? That makes no sense... that's what Runway 33 is there for.... wow. As for the crash... it looks like brakes were activated WAY too soon... that's what happens with those tail draggers. :p

smokechaser11 0
There was a Washington Post reporter riding/filming in the front seat, and he later admitted that in order to get a better view of the landing, he pushed against those "pedals" on the floor so he could get himself higher in the seat!
mr3gtp 0
Pushed against "those pedals"? I'm glad no one was hurt, but if that were my plane, I'd be furious and devastated at the same time.
Trunkslammer 0
"Pushed against 'those pedals'...." H' ummmm. I anticipate there was the usual instruction, "Glad to have you with me, just DO NOT Touch / MOVE anything, please!" Guess he thought that applied to only his hands!!! Sad outcome, but could have been a tragedy. No wonder you cannot trust the news media!

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