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Learjet Crashes in Bahamas, 9 On-Board

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A Learjet has crashed while attempting to land in Freeport, an island in the Bahamas. There were 7 passengers and 2 crew on-board at the time, including prominent Pastor Myles Munroe. The jet reportedly struck a crane in the Bahama shipyard while on approach and subsequently exploded and crashed into a junk yard near the airport. ( עוד...

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Kevin Brown 4
A picture of the nine victims taken just prior to boarding the fateful flight
Kevin Brown 3
Information on the identity of the victims:

Myles Munroe said to be among 9 killed in Bahamas plane crash

A small plane has crashed on approach to the Bahamas, according to officials there, killing all 9 people on board

According to some media reports, Dr. Myles Munroe, president and founder of the Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI) and Myles Munroe International (MMI), was on board the plane.

Munroe's wife, Ruth, was also among the victims, according to a story from the Bahamas Tribune.
N441LC 3
I watched the video from august and it seemed like he was below glide path by the red light indications to the left of the runway. Maybe his habit was to fly low glide paths when visual, add some overcast grey skies and then a crane and it's over. Stay on glide path indicators even when visual.
James Derry 2
Already in my very basic training, I was taught to never go below a visual approach aid while on a "visual" approach. Only when past the perimeter fence, do I permit myself that and I always call it out. Past the fence, going below the PAPI to land on the threshold. On our local airport, descending below the PAPI indicated approach angle, would put you right at a rocky outcropping on an island just north of the centreline. In Reykjavik, way too close to the rooftops for RWY 01. There is a reason for the aid, use the thing! White, you're all right, red, you're dead!
Kevin Brown 2
VIDEO taken this past August of the accident aircraft as it landed in Stuart FL
James Derry 1
mariofer 2
I don't know if it is the same crew that perished but if they are, I guess it was just another statistic waiting to happen. Below the slope all the way in. Yes, not a big problem at Stuart but bad habits stick well and fast. The next thing you know you are doing it were you can't afford it. And like Mike says below. Why is the co-pilot videoing the landing instead of doing his job. That second seat in the Lear's flight deck is not a VIP seat, it is for a pilot.
rqdrqd 1
Here's an update from It mentions the pilots told the TAWS to "shut up" before muting the alarm:
Jeff Lawson 1
Flight track --
Tom Lyons 1
Very sad. Is a nine person load near the capacity envelope for that particular aircraft?

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Tom Lyons 2
Upon closer reading it looks like it was 7 passengers and two crew.
Should be 10 on board, there was a baby...
Tim Prero 1
It's 8 plus 2 pilots
Are some 36's different? I thought there were 6 seats...
anthony geinopolos 1
Beach Comer 1
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There are two charted cranes, one of them they hit, right on the approach...
Not much room if you get a little low on the glideslope...
Brian Wilkins 1
After looking at the sea port and it's distance from the runway (3 miles) my best guess would be that the crew was scud running and not on an approach. They had descended and called the airport in sight when they actually looking at the port which could resemble a concrete runway. Thus hitting a crane at the sea port. This is the only reason I can think of as to why they were that distance from the airport at that low of an altitude.
rqdrqd 1
The port looks nothing like the 11,000 ft runway at MYGF.

To be that low at that distance may indicate they were being tour guides rather than pilots.
Stefan Sobol 1
I always question the ethics of pastors/ministers and the like who drive fancy/expensive cars, wear tailored suits, and fly around in private jets. There are plenty of them around. Granted they don't take a vow of poverty or anything, but it seems counter to the whole pastor/minister thing as I understand it. Shouldn't all that money be going to help the people they are pastoring/ministering to or other charitable causes (e.g. church programs for the poor/hungry)? Sure a pastor needs a car, but a Ford Focus will get him/her around just as well as some huge Cadillac Escalade for about half the price.
Kevin Brown 0
The jet reportedly struck a crane in the Bahama shipyard while on approach and subsequently exploded and crashed into a junk yard as seen in this picture:
Kevin Brown -2
RAW VIDEO: from crash scene (WARNING GRAPHIC)
Phil Knox 0
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9 killed in Grand Bahama plane crash

A small plane crashed Sunday on approach to the island of Grand Bahama, killing all 9 people on board, the government of the Bahamas said.

The Lear 36 Executive Jet had taken off from the Bahamian capital of Nassau and crashed while attempting to land around 5 p.m. local time in Freeport, according to a statement from the Ministry of Transport and Aviation.
yoteun -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Investigation Into Jet Crash That Killed Prominent Pastor Myles Munroe Set to Begin

A full investigation is slated to begin today, one day after a private Lear jet crashed on approach near Grand Bahama International Airport, killing everyone on board, including a prominent pastor and his wife.

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