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P-51 Mustang Restoration Includes Operational .50cal Machine Guns (Video)

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There are few crafts that demand such attention to detail as high-end aircraft restoration. Millions of dollars are plowed into aircraft in horrible shape, some even pulled from glaciers or the sea, and they are meticulously rebuilt by hand. One P-51 owner in particular wanted his Mustang to go a step further than all others- operational .50cal machine guns. ( עוד...

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Torsten Hoff 3
Direct link to video:
wylann 2 bloody cool!
Leighton Elliott 2
Now we're talkin!
Bernard Gaffney 2
Unless you have been around .50 cal firing you have no idea how loud that is. I was fortunate to have fired a quad 50 on a mount while in Korea in the early 70's. This is 30% louder.
Fidel Mendez 1
The most beautiful war bird ever put together.
Fidel Mendez 1
The most beautiful war bird ever assembled.
WhiteKnight77 1
That is awesome. While he may not be shooting down anyone, it is cool that an old warbird was fixed up and is completely operational.

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