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Qantas A380 returns to LAX after water floods aisles

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A Qantas Airways superjumbo jet returned to Los Angeles International Airport about an hour after takeoff when a burst water pipe sent water cascading down the aisles of the Airbus A380, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. A media outlet identified as 7News Yahoo!7 posted a pictured of the jet's flooded aisles on Twitter. The flight took off from LAX around 12:14 a.m. ET Wednesday morning, turning around about an hour later while out over the Pacific. The jet landed at the airport… ( עוד...

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pilotguy71 16
Hollywood is already working on the film..."Lakes on a Plane".
ToddBaldwin3 3
Martin Haisman 3
The sad thing is I just laughed!
BaronG58 1
Starring...Joan Rivers
paul trubits 4
If the emergency slide had opened, they could have turned the plane into a five mile high water park. Lot more fun than watching a crappy movie.
Mark Kirchner 3
Circled for two hours to burn fuel? Was the water waist deep by then?
Kawaiipoint2 1
The A380 can't land at MTOW... Of course it would have to hold and burn fuel, or dump it.
Matt Tran 5
Local media here in LA blasting on the screen with the headline "Emergency Landing" but then went on to say "safety was never an issue". How could it be an emergency when safety was not an issue? Why can't they just say "Unscheduled landing"?
Josh Preston 9
"Emergency" sells papers and gets viewers on websites, "Unscheduled" does not.
The sad reality of our current media...couldn't agree with you more
Pileits 4
Also known as Yellow Journalism.
You guys have any notion of what sloshing water would do to balance?
The report is that the flight crew "declared an emergency". Are you disputing that?
Torsten Hoff 2
Maybe someone used the tub upstairs and forgot to turn off the water? :)
joel wiley 1
It was Qantas, not Emirates.

sharon bias 1
Good thing that whatever broke happened 1 hour into a 15 hour flight. There just aren't many airports that can handle a A380 in the Pacific.
A. G. Gonzalez 1
Was it clean fresh wáter or otherwise
abdul youssef 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

QF94 emergency and return to LAX

Qantas 94 flight from Los angles to Melbourne had to declare emergency and return to Los angles roughly 30 min from takeoff after a water pipe was broken inside the cabin, the cabin was filling up with water. The crew circled for 2 hours to burn fuel. I just heard that on 7 news literally just now. At the moment I only have a flight aware link, I'll post a news link of the news as soon as I find one.


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