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VIDEO: Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9 in the Paint Hangar

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Watch as Boeing paints and rolls out the first 787-9 Dreamliner to be delivered to launch customer Air New Zealand, revealing the carrier's new-look livery. The airplane, painted in a distinctive black color scheme, features the iconic official New Zealand Fern Mark. ( עוד...

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AWAAlum 3
Airplane livery is approaching the neighborhood of works of art!
BC Hadley 2
Maybe I'm easily entertained, but these never get old.
Cole Goldberg 1
I've been watching a lot of these videos lately. They never get old in my opinion either.
Hunt Mayo 2
Video was deleted off YouTube....
AWAAlum 2
Compliments of D G -
Richard Jellicoe 1
Hernan Delgado 2
Chris B 2
Amazing to watch.
bob stewart 1
flew on the lockheed electra 1968 (with spinning rivets)they sure have come a long way.
Nathan Bowen 1
I get a notice YouTube pulled down the account of that post. Anyone else know where the video can be found?
D G 4
AWAAlum 0
Probably not since it states copyright infringement.
Dick Baumgartel 1
I'm sure it would be nice to watch but You Tube pulled it for some reason. Can't understand how that can happen.
AWAAlum 1
It was said to be a copyright issue. However, unless it was pulled as well, it can be seen here:
Dick Baumgartel 1
Thanks a bunch. That was fascinating. I also watched the maiden flight of 787-9, Super !

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