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Wisconsin and Missouri vying for 777X Production

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Wisconsin and Missouri are potential spots for Boeing to produce the 777X after workers in Washington rejected Boeing's initial proposal. ( עוד...

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canuck44 10
Neither of these are right to work states making them dark horses to start. Missouri has a large facility in St. Louis. South Carolina probably has the edge as Wayne predicted.
Jack McFadden 7
I think you all are missing some important points. Aero mechanics and assembly workers are highly skilled workers. They are not former "burger flippers". Many are earning $60 to $80,000 per year. In addition Boeing provides great benefits in addition to their wages. And these workers are highly productive - one only needs to watch the moving assembly line for the 777 to see they earn their keep. The problem I believe is not so much the direct wage cost, but the ever increasing cost of fringe benefits - which many companies in many industries are trying to control in order to remain competitive in a world market. China and Canada are both about to join Airbus as Boeing's competition in a world market. Boeing is seeking to try to contain future costs. That was the point of their "offer" to the union work force to change pension and wage steps.

The leadership of the union in Seattle has been "difficult" to deal with from the companies perspective. Even some members feel the 'hardball' tactic is wrong. The crippling work stoppage several years ago embittered feelings on both sides. Certainly, corporate pay disparity is a polarizing issue - something not unique to Boeing. Another factor is that corporate leadership is no longer from the ranks of airplane people but rather financial types (anyone remember what happened to GM when the corporate bean counters took over from the car guys?)

Further, the Seattle area is becoming a very expensive place to do business. No new roads have been built for years and mass transportation is barely beginning. The congestion costs for logistics alone make it prudent to consider locating program expansion some where else. After all, it is not like the company is abandoning the Seattle area what with the huge order backlog for the 737 program, the existing 777 program and the 787 program.

By way of disclosure, I'm a former Boeing exec, starting with the company as a facilities engineer for the Everett facility, then the Fabrication center in Auburn, and eventually a VP in Oregon where I am now retired.

blake1023 1
Frank Hopper 1
Explain the Wichita situation for me if you can... please.
Jack McFadden 1
Wichita is a WW2 facility which Boeing used to fabricate skins, spars and misc parts for the 737 program. It sold the facility several years ago to a company called Aero-structures (I think the name is correct), who became a sub-contractor. It fabs the entire body sections of the 737 and ships them by rail to Renton for final assembly. I believe it is still a IAMAW organized company. I have heard that the 737 MAX bodies will be made there also.
Frank Hopper 1
I was referring to the Military side which was not sold to Spirit. Boeing is in the process of closing the Military side now... "The existing (but for sale) Boeing Wichita site, including a 325-acre flight line, massive hangars, and other buildings totaling more than 1.2 million square feet and an 85-acre office complex, as well as access to McConnell Air Force Base’s runway."
Joan Murdock 7
As a former member of the IAMAW the union can go F itself these thugs are only in it for their own selfish interests. They don't care about individual members needs, when I needed them the most they sided with the company. I'll never again become a union member.
justin martin 2
Charlotte is also in the picture. I would think we have the best chance due to a new intermodal facility about to open in the spring.
Michael Fuquay 2
In the end, the people who actually OWN the company win out. I say move out of Washington altogether, and teach those greedy Union thugs a lesson.
TRPD304 1
Comparing burger flippers to skilled machinists and mechanics is a great debate. I'll remember that one after I grab a BigMac in the terminal and board the Boeing I'll be flying in. The wealthy want more and more even when they don't need it. The worker wants to make a better life for their families. Companies like Boeing are supported by tax dollars paid by you and I through the often over inflated government contracts. No matter what the workers make, the company will profit tremendously.
PhotoFinish 1
Doesn't say anything about Missouri.

It does say that Wisconsin wasn't one of the states that were asked by Boeing to submit a proposal. But also added that Wisconsin is going ahead and submitting a proposal that Boeing never requested. Let's see if it is competitive.
Jay Kimbrough 0
Yes Michael you are right, Boeing CEO only made 21 million, McDs CEO only made 14 million. Unions are basically dead right now. But you are wrong on where the cycle is. The little people are loosing hope and will soon start new Unions. SORRY for going political. But it burns me a little when people want to protect the right of the uber wealthy, while saying the little peeps need to barely survive. Happy flying.
Jay Kimbrough 0
In Los Angeles, you already have the facilities, skilled work force and supporting tooling co's.
Bob Krause 0
Wisconsin could really use the work. There are no longer auto plants in the state. Wisconsin usually does poorly providing incentives.
Jay Kimbrough 0
Hey I live in LA, and have many friends in the industry, nothing against Wichita I am just a homer.
Frank Hopper 0
Uh... Wichita? Boeing still owns the facility and the workers it laid off here are still here.
Bring it to NJ!!!
Michael Ventre 0
A great op-ed piece on this story by Timothy Egan.
TRPD304 -4
Union thugs? You must be one of the greedy wealthy types. It's ok for the company to profit billions of dollars but the worker who creates the product can earn a decent wage? I feel bad for workers without union support and protection. Do I want to be a pax on a plane built by minimum wage slaves or by well trained, well compensated union labor? I'll take the union labor built aircraft any day.
blake1023 5
Why don’t the Unions pay TAXES on their income? Why do they get an exemption from OBAMACARE? I thought raising taxes and obamacare were going to solve all the countries problems, why are they running from taxes and Obamacare? Does that make them just as “greedy” as corporate thugs?

You don’t have to donate your money to the democrat party to be considered a "skilled worker". “Well compensated union labor!” then why are you complaining about wages, if you’re well compensated? What do you the unions protect you from? Have you spent one day in the airline industry? All the layoff over the years, the pay sucks. Look at the unions’ track record; you are wasting your money! I feel bad for you!
Michael Fuquay 6
Minimum wage slaves? HAHAHA, you crack me up. You make it sound like they're so bad off. I suppose you support $15.00/hour burger-flippers at McDonald's too?

Unions had a purpose at one time, but have outlived it's purpose. Now it's all about sucking the OWNERS dry, preventing new development and expansion because they have to take of their "whoa is me", entitled employees.
Ralph Addison -6
Wisconsin would be the worst place for Boeing to move. Being a state controlled by Walker, who hates the working class, WISC could not provide workers with the skills to build planes. No company should move to WI while it is under a man like Walker. So I hope Boeing understands that WI is not a good move. Walker suppresses the working class too much.
BaronG58 -7
I vote for Wisconsin...They could manufacture at the Harley facility. About time we had a plane that has the sound of a HARLEY..
Nah, gotta get one with the sound of a Ninja...

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