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Flaws found in DOJ lawsuit against American/US Airways merger

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Last month, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a lawsuit attempting to block the proposed merger between American Airlines (AA) and US Airways, which would create the world’s largest airline by passengers. ( עוד...

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canuck44 1
Imagine...the DOJ submitting "flawed" data to the court using their 9-4 (with generous breaks) attorneys. Probably the same ones submitting the information on voter ID laws.
bentwing60 1
Would that be the same DOJ/AG that could submit no data on "Fast and Furious" even though they/he ran it while having no knowledge of it. I'm hoping for this judge to send the DOJ boys packing with a crumpled fedora in their dirty large mitts. Tax payer funded no less. By the way John, how much do we pay those boys?
canuck44 1
"Boys"? Not any more. Boys are not hired in State or DOJ any more unless they are gender benders, some "visible minority" or far left whacko. Friend of mine used to be @ State running way a Caucasian straight male was going to get hired or promoted.

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