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747 Slow Motion KLAX

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amazing video, please make sure you have your sound turned ON! ( עוד...

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joel wiley 8
Great views in the underbelly reflections. It looks like a Red-Tail hawk flew up to the landing lights about 2:25.
Victor Engel 1
Before it flew up it flew out of the way. Check earlier in the video.
Daniel Baker 6
Wow, those spoilers sure deploy quickly, even in slow motion.
Andriy Tsyupka 4
1st KLM, 2nd KOREAN
Joseph Howes 2
it is more than one KLM 747 the first one looks like a touch and go
Mike Schacht 2
The music complements the video so well! I always wondered who the composer was for this song and now I know.
Don Mills 1
Beautiful, just beautiful. Then music was perfect for the video.
David Stark 1
What video were you watching?
Detonate 1
Unbelievable. Did you see the bird getting a vortex-ride on to the approach lights?
Michael Smith 1
Please make sure you have your sound turned OFF! Why have crappy music when you could have the sound of the jet engines?
Ralph Takach 1
My personal feeling is that the video is stunning. Reminds me of my first 747 flight and flew many times afterward. I really loved flying it. However, if I could pick my favorite earlier planes, I loved the DC 10 (after they got the spoiler problem fixed, that is.). Of course the flight attendants were well groomed, and professional. Now I don't mean all light attendants are lacking professionalism and I'm sure it's the minority. Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that flying was pretty glamorous and that really made it fun.
ric lang 1
Loved the DC-10? Read "Destination Disaster".
anirban dutta 1
awesome video. great shooting.
superbe video tres chouette !!
Dale Minter 1
Boring video
joel wiley 2
Right- No sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, crashes or violence = boring.
fernando kosop -7
what a sheety video.....don´t know why so much fuzz about it....worse than low average..

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