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23 Terrifying Runways That Will Stoke Your Fear of Flying

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Flying can be a white-knuckle affair for even the heartiest of travelers. But it turns out what you should really fear are airports; almost 60 percent of all aircraft incidents happen there during taxiing, take-off, approach or landing. Here are runway horrorshows from around the globe that may make you rethink your next trip. ( עוד...

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Larry Johnson 0
Bara is one of my most favorite airports to visit.
Judy Simpson 2
I lived in Berlin in the early 70's when PanAm was flying into Templehof Airport. My husband was a pilot and the 727's flying into Templehof had to fly down between apartment buildings just before touching down. One could actually look into the apartments while descending. I also have pictures of my kids standing next to the runway (while we had a picnic out there) waving to Daddy as he taxied by to takeoff.
John Hale 1
What about DCA? Don't believe this is a cake walk.
T. D. Blodgett 1
Quito's new airport opened last week, replacing the one in this article.
chalet 1
While the standard glide angle is approx. 3º at any airport the new Quito airport requires something like 4.5º when landing on Runway 36 due to obstacles in turn this causes landing distances to increase over the old airport. The runway is 13,500 ft. which is the longest in Latin America. Well nothing is perfect for there are no "safety areas" beyond the thresholds in fact there are rather interesting drop offs of about 3,000 ft. on both extremes. Check this picture
Gene spanos 1
Try ORD - anytime!
chalet 1
Hell no, the people around Chicago/Midway says hell, thiers is worse
Brad Littlejohn 1
A much better list than what other sites and magazines put out. Much better!

Though they left out a nice but unknown one: Tioman (WMBT). I think of this guy as a Kai Tak, Jr:

checkerboard (IGS)-type approach.
Next to the ocean.
VMC only (like Lukla or Paro). If you can't see it, it ain't open.
Short runway: 3225ft.

Some videos of it:

Worthy of Gizmodo's list, for sure.

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