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Boeing Has An Airplane Problem, Not a PR Problem

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The 787 Dreamliner has been vexed since its inception. The company was convinced by one or more management consulting firms to outsource design and production of the 787’s components. While this idea might make sense for sourcing coffeemakers, it was a nonsense approach to assembling perhaps the most complicated and potentially dangerous machines shy of nuclear reactors. ( עוד...

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Robert Macon 7
My apologies -- my sentence should have read "This article is AS ignorant as it is poorly written." Thank goodness I'm not a professional writer working for Forbes!
Robert Macon 4
Rubbish. This article is ignorant as it is poorly written. With the author's intolerance and reaction to technological development and advancement, we really should still be winging about in wood and fabric Wright Flyers. A single-winged aeroplane made of "METAL"?Surely you can't be serious?!?!
btweston 0
Intolerance? What are you talking about? The author made a bunch of good points. We can't just pretend that nothing is going on with this plane just because the word Boeing is associated with it. The thing has been a boondoggle since the first non-fitting part came in from China.
preacher1 2
“ There is a foolish corner in the brain of the wisest man. ” — Aristotle
This quote is at the head of the Forbes article in the URL and in this situation is so true. When you are #1 and try to do better, strange things happen. It can be likened to the Coca-Cola blunder that was made years ago in trying to bring Coke Classic out in front instead of leaving things alone.They finally over came it but not without a lot of grief and money. Boeing is going to have to get out ahead of all this and take back control of the process. As the article says, there is a lot of difference between coffemakers and airliners.
Brian Bishop 4
I agree for the most part, but this article is pretty biased. "Oh, and they decided to build the airplane out of plastic" .... seems to convey an image of an airplane fabricated from recycled detergent bottles, instead of high tech carbon fiber. The author would've had more credibilty had he addressed the technical issues with the airplane with some objectivity. Does he really think Boeing....BOEING(!) is really that inept and reckless in building new aircraft?
preacher1 1
Well, they definitely had a brain fart when they embarked on this program. I do have to agree with you on the "plastic" part, but they really did screw up in going outside with such new technolgy.
Brian Bishop 1
Yep, no question it could've been planned and managed better, but I think they moved pretty quickly when the problems became evident. At least for a program of its size. I don't see a real problem systematically as it sits now, more just getting bugs worked out of subassemblies and components that are mostly new designs and more innovative. It's not like sticking new engines on the 737 or redesigning an interior. The folks accross the pond are still doing the same with their double decker, the last all new aircraft to be built. And it uses a lot more existing technology and componentry.
preacher1 3
Yeah, but the 787 is really taking the center stage right now and is overshadowing those problems across the pond. Ain't it amazing we all of a sudden started hearing about electrical probems instead of wing ribs,lol
Brian Bishop 0
Yep. Plum amazing.
Clam Shell 1
Who amongst you would NOT fly the 787 just now? Why not? I'm scheduled on it in a few weeks, and I'm not terribly worried ... for now.
s2v8377 1
I am a major supporter of Boeing; however two things bother me about the 787. The first being the amount of outsourcing, NOT good!!! I know it's the way of the world these days but still a problem for Boeing and for that matter the USA in general.

The seconding being the 787 has suffered two serious fires one on the flight-deck during a test flight, and now the second incident with JAL's 787 at BOS. Fires are scary things on airplanes!!! I could stand to be corrected but to my knowledge the 757, 767, and 777 never suffered from any incidents where fire was involved during their development and beginning stages of commercial service.

Fires are scary things on airplanes!!! I really hope Boeing can get the 787 program back on track and the incident at BOS will be the last involving fire!!!
s2v8377 1
I know "seconding" isn't correct, I meant to write "second". Maybe “seconding” is mentioned in one of those manuals talked about in the "Forbes" article on the 787!!!
Pileits 1
From the git-go I thought Boeing was NUTZ to outsource so many MAJOR components needed to build this airplane.
It now is becoming very apparent they should NOT have listened to the money guys (read greedy) within the company flapping their hands in favor of outsourcing.
Build the airplane IN HOUSE for years before farming out the work again.
Steve Richardson 1
I'm flying long haul on the 787 tomorrow and looking forward to it. Experienced ANA's inaugural at KSJC today -- job well done!

[This poster has been suspended.]

Mainstream media has learned from the tabloids!
David Kay 1
Boeing is an airframe manufacturer. They make the wings and fuselage. Major components like engines, landing gear, tires, brakes, air conditioning, etc. are made by companies that specialize making these things, as they have for many years. It's up to Boeing to install these components on the airframe. They are responsible when anything doesn't work. I'm sure Boeing outsources the coffee machines, too.
Scott Campbell 1
In the End the Fuel savings will win - over the problems, the outside contractors, etc.
Boeing is paying up front for years of profits and a jump on Airbus. I flew on United's first 787 during the first week of service and can't wait to fly it long haul. Boeing is an airframe manufacture, with the exception of the wings and fuselage on th 87 being built first in Japan, asemmbly in Everett, WA , but then none of the recent problems seem to point
to those components :)
John Atherton 0
Uninformed comments by an uninformed man...has he had anything to say about the Airbus approach to building 'planes.

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