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New FlightAware Flight Page, Maps, and Extended Global Coverage

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FlightAware is thrilled to announce a number of significant improvements to flight tracking for both general aviation and airline users. We're always innovating and updating for you (see the list of updates here), but we have a couple big changes we want to announce . . . ( עוד...

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Jeffrey Babey 12
Awesome job as usual guys and gals! Keep up the great work! :)
JJ Johnson 7
Flightaware is one of the top 10 web sites in the entire world. Keep up the good work!
Alan Bowin 4
Great job FlightAware!
David Aldrich 3
Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could use FlightAware to see real-time arrivals and departures into Dubai! But sure enough:
Janice Hugh 3
Brilliant! Although I am no flight techie or qualified in any way aeronautically FA is the one site where I can track and follow those closest to us on their many journeys.... very reassuring to feel that. Thanks!
Er.A.K. Mittal 3
Bravo ! Keep up the gud work , boyz n galz !!
Dorothy Baker 3
The new layout is fabulous. FlightAware clearly doesn't take its top reputation and ranking for granted. Congratulations on the extended coverage and other innovations!
Bryan Opalka 3
Like the improvements!!!
Jim Quinn 3
Uh, oh. Suddenly our 21" iMac's display is no longer adequate. I guess it's time to get a bigger display! Or connect to our 42" LCD TV! Looks great!
FA is continuingly out doing theirselves ! ... Just when you think, they are taking a break or vacation, there is something new, better and greater than the previous versions. FA is bound to become "The standard" for all Pilots and Plane spotters alike ... What next ? Will they create their own Flight Simulator software too ?.
John Hale 2
can we get aircraft registration when we look up a flight number? that would be nice to have also.
Kawaiipoint2 1
that would be great
southwest125 2
These are all great updates and I enjoy using them, but any possibiltiy they will be coming to the Iphone app as well?
max lyons 2
Awesome job as always! Keep up the great work!
chalet 2
Geat, you make my visits to this webpage even more useful and enjoyable than before, thanks a million.
Brian Bishop 2
Great job. Congrats to D.B. and company.
sparkie624 2
Flight Aware, Great Support, Always the best. Keep up the good job.
Ricky Scott 2
Very Very nicely done
Peter Law 2
Such a great resource. FA has come in handy in so many ways both privately and from the business end aswell.
Richard Cummings 2
One of the best sites on the web! FA continues to be the most informative site in aviation information. . . . keep up the good work, and thanks to all of the men and women behind the scenes!
ken young 2
much better!
joe odonnell 1
What great app sky aware is I love it.
Antoinette Bauer 1
Now if I could only get it to look and work as good on my Droid phone. Print is small and everything is against a black backround. Can't take my lap top to the airport with me.
Pilotswife71 1
Steve Koskey 1
Great improvement Keep up the good work.
Stephen Phillips 1
"FlightAware Live positions pushed live to your web browser without a refresh". So, "Live" means no more real -time delay? :)
firesafety552 1
Ken Matticks 1
Looks really good to me! Thanks.
Eugene Casey 1
Looks like a great improvement. Congratulations.
Rudiger Stuhlmuller 1
Terrific guys! I love the new look. Keep up the good work.
Alexander Kocksch 1
Great Job. Surfing the web with you has become surfing the globe. Keep up the great work.

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