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100 Incredible Views Out Of Airplane Windows

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100 Incredible Views Out Of Airplane Windows... really interesting pictures ( עוד...

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kyle dunst 7
This is the reason I love to fly! Awesome!
Clam Shell 2
Amazing. Thanks so much for sharing this.
tim mitchell 2
really beautiful pics
Ben Lillie 2
The Nebraska and Alberta views were pretty amazing.
Jeremy Kudlick 1
Wait, there are hills in Nebraska? ;)
AccessAir 1
I have an album on my Facebook account called "Out the Window" that deals with this very thing...
Leo66 1
#18 San Luis Obispo County, California.
If this was taken form an airplane window, I'd think twice about that ATC controler.
I had 'jumped the pond' years ago in a British Airways 777 and had flown over the southern tip of Greenland. Took a photo of that area with a disposable camera. good shot of a fiord in winter.
preacher1 1
Don't look like they were high enough to be worrying about a controller.LOL
Mike OConnor 1
I definitely would have included a shot taken out of the window of a plane on approach to San Diego. The planes are close enough it's as if you could wave to the people in their homes or businesses in downtown and Banker's Hill.
Rick Allen 1
I agree with Kyle......this is the reason I love to fly, as well !!!! It's hard to decide which is my favorite, they are all beautiful.
Ricky Scott 1
Yep I also, this is one of the main reasons
preacher1 1
You can defintely see those round Center Pivot irrigation systems in the midwest, especially Nebraska. All of it is totally awesome. I'll never get tired of it
Ken McIntyre 1
Great pictures, thanks for sharing them!
Andrew Merrill 1
I mean many thanks, awesome
Joy Hamilton 1
These are stunning pictures. Thanks for sharing them!
Mark Gillians 1
World is indeed a beautiful place!
N0626JC 1
The Hong Kong, China one looks like a face.
john hicks 1
thank you , thank you , thank you
George Haksch 1
100 WOWs!!!
Joseph Holt 1
These are some really great photos, actually they are fantastic. I had personally flew over some areas like Mt Rainer on an early jump seat with FedEx, and it just brought back some great memories. Thanks to all who put this together!!!
Juan Felipe Lobo Mejia 1
WOW! Its Amazing!! "My soul are in the sky..."
Juan Eizagaechevarria 1
Really amazing pictures , congratulations!!!!!!
Paul Claxon 1
Your right on, Preacher !
Stunning pics of skyscrapers piercing through the low ceiling
oowmmr 1
Yes there are beautiful places right here in the USA.
Simon Dingfelder 1
Incredible world we transit. Protect it.
John Cartlidge 1
25 is a screen capture from Google Earth
Liese Jungebloedt 1
Some views are absolutely sensational. I would love to add a view of the Andes as seen from a flight from Buenos Aires to Santiago.
michael martin 1
my favourite part of flying thankyou so much for the pictures
pnschi 1
These are all great, but the best is here, on final to JFK:
Andrew Merrill 1
Awesome pics many thnaks
David Brooks 1
Great pictures. Shows a variety of places on Earth which is great.
Paul Claxon 0
I used to like to navigate, but now gps ?
preacher1 2
Well, you got to admit that it makes life easier but if you are up there and it takes a dump for whatever reason, you best know the old tried and true
Roland Dent 1
Wayne...good I guess there are no alien spacecraft in this set of 100 pics..I have not had time to check...the days of taking star azimuths in the night sky are well and truly gone...a lot of road vehicles have these GPS road map gizmos over here in the UK. Must be the same in USA?
preacher1 1
Yep and they are in a lot of the planes now and if a lot of the guys can't afford them, the got a hand held available. Like I said, it's all nice but if it takes a dump, you better know what to
Raymond Dorais -1
Thank your for a magnificient view of oour world from an angle that most of us will never get to see.

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