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No Injuries Reported Following G.I. Plane Accident

An Allegiant Air spokesperson says no one was injured when a plane left the runway shortly after landing in Grand Island Sunday afternoon ( More...

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Tim OLeary 5
When I read "G.I." plane accident I thought it was a military plane....
preacher1 2
You're not
preacher1 5
Looks like he just turned short. Either pilot error or no good centerline markings and he guessed wrong.
Rick Coxe 4
The correct spelling is FARES, not fairs.
preacher1 4
as well as using "THEIR" instead of there to show possession.LOL
captb68 2
"Authorities are investigating how a commuter plane carrying about 160 passengers......". Mad Dogs are commuter planes now???? Media is great.
David Brooks 1
Lousy written article. I too was fooled with the "G.I.". Looks like the pilot turned short. Anyway, he will have to answer what happened.
linbb -3
And another one for them soon they will have the big one and kill passengers, they need to update there aircraft but that would mean increasing fairs. Old worn out AC are not the thing to use just to keep fairs low.


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